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Lord of the Flies by William Golding
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Jun 01, 07

did not like it
Read in October, 1987

I absolutely hated this book. That's my over-riding memory of it I'm afraid. I had to read it in secondary school when I was about 12 and I never remember disliking a book so much which was surprising as I was a voracious reader.

I just remember having absolutely nothing in common with the characters - a group of English upper / middle class school boys whereas I was a Scottish working class girl. I just could not relate to the story at all and just wished they would all kill each other as soon as possible so the book would finish.

The fact that we had to read the book in class at the pace of some of the slower readers (agonisingly painfully slow readers) and then discuss it afterwards, which was like trying to get blood out of a stone, probably didn't help.

Never, ever again.
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Cindy Amen.

David I was a middle class American adolescent boy when I read it, and I hated it too. I think the "truths" Golding wanted us to believe are universal just aren't as universal or as true as he seemed to want to believe.

Eric Danielson The bombs were going off everywhere as i was sitting in a bunker in Nam. i hated this book.

Lambert Get over your childhood experience. Does having nothing in common with the main characters really prevent you from appreciating literature.

message 5: by Jaz (new) - rated it 1 star

Jaz You dont need to have anything in common with the protagonists to appreciate something but I truly agree this book is horrible.
Its easy to hate something when youre forced to read it (I read it in highschool 4 years ago) but this is on another level..(for me anyway)

@lambert Theres literature & literature. this is crap shoot. Let her/him hate it if they want to..

Rosie I truly agree.

message 7: by Cat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cat Yes, I would argue you do have to relate in some human way to a character to appreciate literature. In fact, I think that's the whole point of literature.

Natalie Nice review. "I hate this book because I can't relate to it." Does that mean others shouldn't read it?

Remi Selerier You could look at the book in another way. It is not because you can't relate to the book that you can't like a book. I mean when you look at movies you usually can't relate to them but you like the story, it is the same with the books, even if you can't relate to it you just go with the story.

message 10: by Lauryn (new) - added it

Lauryn Yes! Thankyou! Im in my first year of college and we had to study it last year for my GCSEs (final qualifications when you are 15-16 for those who would be unfamiliar with the name used in England). I take my grades and all my exams very seriously, I would do every extra piece of work as well what was required to get a good grade, I would never gamble on a real exam, that was all until year 11 English class...when we were told we would be studying this astonishingly terrible book!

I will not leave a book unfinished, even if it's boring and im forcing myself to finish it, I physically cannot leave it un finished and when I am reading a book I can only put it down at the start of a new chapter or when the paragraph ends at the end of the page completely - the new paragraph's first word must be on the other page- my mild OCD would not let me leave a book any other way! That was until I learned control over it when reading this book.

This book was sooooo terrible I stopped reading it altogether! In the middle of sentence, mid-paragraph, mid-page, mid-chapter... Mid-book. To this day, I have not had one nagging feeling to find out what the rest of the sentence was, It was brutal enough watching the film...IN BLACK AND WHITE...3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!! That meant for the first time ever, I had left a book unfinished and not just any book but a book that my exam was based on, I read chapter summaries on spark notes instead. That is how much I hated it!

Worst part, my teacher and some students actually liked... No wait... Loved the book!! What? So confused!!! Glad to know I wasn't the only one that found the book dreadful but sad to know that other schools are being put through the same hellish topic!!!

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