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Collision Course by Zoe Archer
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Apr 02, 2011

really liked it
Read from April 02 to 08, 2011

I have not read anything from Zoe Archer yet, but her name intrigued me for a while as I heard great things about her writing. Also I was new to the sci-fi love story genre. I didn’t know what I can expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

Mara Skiren is a loner, a scavenger living the life of an outcast but she feels content. Until she is blackmailed into an operation by the 8th Wing who are fighting against the PRAXIS Group that exploit and abandon planets just for the profit. An elite pilot and her ship is lost and the military needs to find it before the Top Secret weapon falls in to the hands of the enemy. With Mara’s knowledge of the smugglers and outlaw territories the 8th Wing feels they have a good chance of getting back what belongs to them. To make sure the mission is a success the scavenger gets a partner in the form of a Black Wraith pilot, Commander Kell Frayne. They have to work together, dodge the PRAXIS Group and the different outlaws smugglers, mercenaries to get the pilot and her ship to safety. But there is also the attraction between them from the moment they meet to get over it before they can work as a team.

Both Mara and Kell have relationship issues and seems from the beginning that they can never work as an item as one of them is a true warrior fighting for a good cause while the other is just trying to stay alive and do what she does best: being a scavenger and an ace pilot. They are both believable especially as we learn about their past and what made them what they are today. They are consenting adults and let their desire for each other take over when time allows it and there are quite a few hot scenes.

I really liked the setting for this novel and the fact that the romance did not overshadowed the adventure, the setting and the space battles. It was like Star Wars with a heart.

Plus I got a kick out of finding words that seemed to be inspired by the Hungarian Language.

Overall I really liked the story and style and it was a great introduction for me to both the space opera genre and to Ms. Archer’s writing.

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