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Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez
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May 02, 2011

Read in April, 2011

johnny the homicidal maniac is a kind of comic that you will like and dislike at the same is a real awesome and grotesque comic in the whole world.if you were the kind of person that didnt like horrible and grotesque things you wouldnt like this comic. i describe this comic a brutal,awesome,bloody,gorry,and wonderful comic to read.Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, or "Nny" for short, is a disturbed individual who kills innocent and not-so-innocent people. Johnny is never caught, never pursued, never implicated for his crimes, even when he commits them in broad daylight. Nny's closest "friends" are two pieces of styrofoam; later in the series, he befriends a talking Bob's Burger Boy, who is really a projection of his un- or subconscious mind. He hates the word "wacky."

if he heres the word wacky he litteraly turns wacky. he will go so wacky he will go on a rampage and will go and kill anybody thats gets in his way. every day he will go and try to fall asleep but he wouldnt be able to. he will always talk to bobs burger boy bobs burger boy will tell him that he was a screw up and that he should kill himself rite there and then because he didnt have anything to live for;and that nobody loved him or liked him. johnny always beleived bobs burger boy because evrytime johnny thinks about it he always comes up with agreeing with bobs burger boy.

johnny was a very crazy and creative boy yes he was kind of young but he was alright for his age. johnny was always busy when he was killing he wasnt able to do anything else. ans when he wasnt killing he was writing his book "happy noodle boy". happy noodle boy was about a little crazy boy that will go around yelling and doing shinanigans with things and bothering people. he will sometimes kill people just for fun especially when he was bored. he wouldnt care what anybody said or thoght about him. johnny would do the killing and the writing the whole day and every day. johnny was a good murderer and a good torturer,if he didnt kill the people he will torture them if he wanted to. nobody will ever try to catch johnny because they were scared and because they know that they will never catch him. if you want to find out more you should read it, i would reccommend this book to the people that like the kinds of books that have killing and are gorry and bloody and cruel all at the same time. i really liked this book and you guys should really read it too, its acyually a really good and funny book when you start reading i dont htink you would want to put it down. johnny the homicidal maniac is a comic that you will like and dislike at the same time.

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