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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Feb 08, 12

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Nope. No. I will not do it. I am ecstatic for the next installment in the Mortal Instruments, and I love the NY Shadowhunter crew, but this prequel series is insufferable. I couldn't even finish Clockwork Angel. It bored me to death. It bored me so much I contemplated eating all the pages just to amuse myself.

Unfortunately, ink is not the most digestible of materials.

So I'm done here. No, I will not cave. I am unendingly excited for City of Lost Souls (mostly because I'm wishing on all the shoes I own that it'll make up for the epic fail of City of Fallen Angels) but I will boycott Clockwork Prince, and I won't touch Clockwork Princess with a bargepole.
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Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Hellz yeah! Magnus is the best.

As for Team Will/Team Jem ... eh, I don't care much. I like 'em both. I don't often have a strong opinion on these silly love triangle "team" thingies.

Although, after thinking about this book for a long time and reading City of Fallen Angels, I'm fairly certain that Will had a relationship with Magnus Bane. But, guess we'll see about that.

message 2: by Miranda (new) - added it

Miranda Haha!! Go team magnus!!!

Alison haha, I got all my books signed by Cassie and one of my books she put "Team Glitter" in it because I said he was my favourite character :)

Tatjana Cvijanovic Interesting- I find Mortal Instruments insufferable and COFA was terrible for me. It should've ended a trilogy. I find Infernal Devices high superior but to each their own I suppose...

message 5: by Kira (new) - added it

Kira Tatjana wrote: "Interesting- I find Mortal Instruments insufferable and COFA was terrible for me. It should've ended a trilogy. I find Infernal Devices high superior but to each their own I suppose..."

I find that a lot of the fandom shares the same dynamic as you and I, Tatjana. It's actually interesting: a lot of the time people who are into Cassandra Clare's works either love TMI and hate TID, or love TID and abhor TMI.

Jocelynne Broderick Kira, I didn't think I'd like the Infernal Devices much fact, the very notion of a prequel seemed like a money-grub attempt. I had the Clockwork Angel laying around for ages and one day when I was looking for something to read, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised, and I thought it was kind of cool to see how the Shadowhunters used to do things. Tessa is bland, I admit but I really looked forward to the bits about Magnus, of course, and Will and Jem. I didn't look forward to yet another love triangle, but I soldiered on and the steamy parts made me want to see how the triangle came out. One of the other things I like is that I get to read about things that inform the City of... books. The cat, Church, the influence of the Lightwoods, even some of the gadgets and portals. I respect your decision to avoid them, but I hope you decide to give them a try eventually. I'm glad I did, even though I hadn't planned to.

Jocelynne Broderick Also regarding your reply to Tatjana, I have found that to be true also, though not so much loving one series and hating the other, but more preferential. Each has their strengths and each has their weaknesses. I think that can be said even for individual books within a series. Just my 2 cents :) And I hope you didn't eat the book, at least use it for kindling or birdcage linings or paper to put down under a craft project ;)

message 8: by Mia (last edited Jul 14, 2013 07:33AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mia R You've made a wise choice. I read the whole book at my cousin's insistence. It sucked ass and various other unsavory body parts. I'm only going to read the next book because *SPOILER ALERT* my cousin claims Tessa ends up with both Will AND Jem, and I really want to know how this is accomplished. I just hope it's not as boring and angsty as this one. Is The Mortal Instruments a good series, or is it just more of the same?

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