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The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville
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Mar 31, 11

really liked it
Read in August, 2010

Revenge of the Regency nerd is award-winning author Miranda Neville historical romance The Dangerous Viscount which released September 2010 by Avon Books.

You will not find any pocket protectors the THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT. What you will find is a shy introverted hero who would rather collect his rare editions in peace and quiet. Sebastian Iverley is your typical nerd who is not fond of hunting, fishing and riding. In fact, if you asked him he has a horrible seat. And you most certainly will never her find him a Gentleman Jacks or Whites. But if you need him…which he hopes you don’t. Just head to your local library and search for a stunning raven haired main, with spectacles with his head buried in a book. I think Sebastian Iverley is one of the most marvelously crafted alpha male characters that I have come across in a long time. He is wonderfully sincere and wouldn’t think of hurting a fly. For this very reason Sebastian has been the butt of jokes since childhood. It takes the initial appearance of our dastardly heroine, the beauty herself, Lady Diana Fanshawe to shake Sebastian’s world. But that is crazy because Sebastian Iverely cannot abide woman. Since child hood he has been raised to believe:

“Wives. Sebastian knew what wives did.

Not from first hand observation. His upbringing and education had been blessedly free feminine interference. But he had numerous male acquaintances and sometimes he couldn’t help hearing about a female appendage that most of them had to endure.

Wives nagged. They demanded. They spent too much money. They wept when they didn’t get their way?

A wife was nothing but trouble.”

Widowed Lady Diana Fanshawe is a spoiled beauty who unforgivably goes along with Sebastian retched cousin, Lord Blakeney( whom she has wanted to marry since she was a child) in a bet. The bet. Get the reclusive shy and untried twenty-six year-old Sebastian to kiss her. She will win five hundred pounds for her trouble. Innocent enough, right, but Sebastian unleashes a longing she has not felt in a very long time. At first glance you really want to hate Lady Diana Fanshawe. I know I did. But I realized through the mastery of Ms. Neville’s writing that Lady Diana was crafted that way. Yes she was honing her wiles on Lord Blakeney but like ever proficient writer knows you need to craft a cleverly flawed character to bring them up to scratch. So I give all the credit of my disdain for Lady Diana to Ms. Neville. But don’t worry she redeems herself and you fall madly in love with her as she tries to get Sebastian’s attention and love.

THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT is plus with lush and interesting characters. Take Lady Dina Fanshawe family…please. Her father has a weighing scale contraption in the front hall way where he weights everyone that enter. I kid you not. Her family is eccentric and anything but a conventional Regency family but they are so bubbly and lovable that you cannot help adoring the. The one stand-out character for me was Sebastian Iverley himself, because I could relate to him even though I am a woman. He might be a stumbling, bumbling highly intelligent fool at times, but underneath all that entire gruff exterior beats the heart of a shy romantic. He might bully his way through because he is uncomfortable with the feelings that Lady Diana stirs. He is not out typical confident alpha male, but by the end of the story we see booth he and Diana blossom and see just by the merest look that they’ve loved each other all along. He might bully his way through because he is uncomfortable with the feelings that Lady Diana stirs, but his compassionate side burst through at the most reliable times. He is not out typical confident alpha male, but by the end of the story we see booth he and Diana blossom and see just by the merest look that they’ve loved each other all along.

I would be remiss if i did not mention Lord Blakeney who has been the bain of Sebastian's existence. At the hands of Blakeney and his sisters as a child they taunted and tormented playing cruel jokes on a scraggly owlish looking little boy. Blakeney screams Regency bully material from the moment he steps on the page. He is your typical Adonis looking, hunting, and fishing with a very find seat on a horse wannabe alpha male hero. Every time he showed up on a page I had one word for him. Ugh! I believe this word fits perfectly because he tries too hard to make Sebastian's life a living hell with just the slightest slight remark or jab to Sebastian's personality. He was a great protagonist for our stumbly bumbly protagonist that in the end gets his greatest revenge.

THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT has a common theme of intolerance and judgment running through its pages. It is patently clear when Blakeney in front of his friends call Sebastian a degrading and hated name from child hood.

“The Owl always’ has his head in a book,’ Blake went on. ‘M’father thinks he’s brilliant. Probably because he listens to the old man bore on about politics.”

Just by that little scene the author shows us what Sebastian must have went through at the hands of his cousin. a smaller theme would be acceptance. Acceptance in you, in your situation and other people. It take Lady Diana Fanshawe a bit to finally realise that her childhood fantasy of being Blakeley's wife was just that...a childhood fantasy. In seeing the truth she was able to let go and embrace her fate and life with a man that was her equal in every way. the same goes for Sebastian Iverley. He need to let go of the pains of the past and see that he couldn't change people perception of him even if he dressed like an aristocrat or scholar. It all boiled down to Sebastian accepting who he is and who he wants to be.

Although THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT is a work of fiction I believe the same theme of intolerance, tormenting and bullying stands maybe even stronger today. Ms. Neville did a beautiful job showing through her flesh and blood characters that endurance and accepting of yourf is worth the payoff in the end. want to learn more about these wonderful characters and see how they win in the end then ,ake sure to pick up your own copy of THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT.

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