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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
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If I was wearing a hat it would be off to Scott Lynch. This book is amazing. Going into it though, is like going into Million Dollar Baby: it's all fun and games and win after win and you think you've got a handle on where it's going and then BAM! It all goes to hell and you NEVER saw it coming.

Never before has a cast of characters so delighted me. Locke is brilliant and funny and ballsy as all hell. Probably my favorite part is when we learn that Locke was told once when he was younger not to piss off a Karthian Bondsmage. So what's the first thing he says when he comes face-to-face with one? "Nice bird, asshole." And that, right there, tells you a lot of Locke Lamora. He's arrogant but so damn smart that he can afford to be so. It was amazing seeing how all of his cons would unravel and suddenly make sense. He's always five steps ahead of everyone else around him.

The rest of the Gentleman Bastards are simply the greatest as well. Tough and loyal Jean Tannen, the comical and sneaky Sanzo twins and adorable Bug who is just trying to keep up with the men. But beyond the Gentleman Bastards are a whole host of other characters that are fascinating and so three dimensional from the rich Salvaras to The Gray King and even Ibelius, the questionable healer.

This book might not be for everything. There's some rather strong language (which I loved to death as I curse like a sailor in everyday life) and people get cut up, eaten, tortured, stabbed, burned, etc. This is a book about thieves, and some of those thieves don't have the strong morals that our main character does, and even Locke's morals only go so far and when he's pushed, he drops the fun attitude and becomes a force to be reckoned with.

And I loved the way the book was structured, how the reader gets interludes that jump back in time to round out the city of Camorr or how the Gentleman Bastards came to be as awesome as they are. I foresee this is a book I will want to read many, many times in the future... just after I read Red Seas Under Red Skies.
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6.0% "I'm barely into this book and I already love Locke for his ridiculous exploits."
19.0% "I'm ever so curious about Sabetha. I really hope we get to see her later on. It'd be nice to have a girl mixed in with all the awesome male characters"
24.0% "I feel like I'm reading Ocean's Eleven, only it's set in a fantasy world and there's decidedly less than 11 con men. This is such a fun read."
31.0% "I wish I had more time to read this! I love how Nazca was a total BAMF even as a little girl."
47.0% "Nazca!"
59.0% "I feel like I should be at the end based on what is happening. Yet I still have so much to go. I can't imagine how much crazier it's about to get."
65.0% "Oh. My. God. How did things get so fucked up?"
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Caitlin I love this book so freakin' much.

But just wait, it gets crazy--crazier.

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