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Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes
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Mar 30, 2011

really liked it
Read from March 30 to April 16, 2011

Excellent book. Summarized in detail how those same "deniers" of global warming today have not only always been present but have existed in the form of big tobacco-hired skeptical "scientists." Sometimes even the same people.

Well researched and my recommendation to all those that need to refresher for what the purpose of science really is. And that it is not to give certainty and proof, but instead probability based on the presant circumstance.

Only criticism is that the authors got themselves WAY off track delving into SDI (yes, the Strategic Defense Initiative) and lost my focus very early in the book. Whereas the other topics like tobacco research, the ozone layer, and global warming maintained a particular theme and how those growing dangers will affect humans, the SDI and nuclear winter chapter muddled everything. Had they simply edited down that chapter, or removed it, the book would have had a greater impact, I feel.

As it stands this book is highly recommended, but careful geting it from the library if you do pick it up. I found myself repeatedly and instinctively wanting to search for a pencil or highlighter to mark many portions I would have wanted to return back to. May have to look for it on soft-cover when it is re-released and revised.

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