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The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
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Mar 30, 2011

it was amazing
Read from March 30 to April 04, 2011

[Completely spoiler free!]

This book drags you in and doesn't release you until you've read every single last word.

You know, as a person who is constantly reading, thinking about reading or writing my own stories for people to read, it is pretty much all I want in life to come across a book which absolutely makes me fall in love. It doesn't happen often.

When was the last time you wanted to cry over the injustice towards the protagonist? The last time you felt a connection to a character so much that you felt like you were them? A long time? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, I found all of this and so much more in The Goose Girl.
Shannon Hale, I can't even find the words to describe your talent! The descriptions were unbelievable and I am so jealous of how you convey such vivid imagery directly into the mind of the reader.
I could see everything. The kingdoms, the forests, the houses, the faces of every last guard and the king...everything. It's so sad that this feels almost rare in YA literature in recent years.
This story has a certain essence which other books just don't have.

As I neared the end I was sat back on a chair reading happily and then out of nowhere this book turned and shocked me so much. I can usually guess the ending 100 pages before the people in the book but The Goose Girl got me SO by surprise. I was left reeling. When the lies came out I couldn't believe it!
It was unpredictable but then predictable in the right places and never how you think it will be!

The Goose Girl is a story of love, friendship, betrayal, injustice, victory and moments where hope seems lost. It drags you through every emotion. I was in tears on one page and laughing on the next. It's sweet and dark but light-hearted in all the right places.

The characters were loveable - Enna, Conrad, Talone and Geric just to name a few.

And Ani. The protagonist. What can I say? She was wonderful. I've seen people saying that she was too easily walked all over. Well, those people must not have read the entire book. Ani goes from a helpless, spoilt little princess to a tough, no nonsense goose girl before your very eyes. I found myself wanting her to succeed in getting her title back so badly that I had to read on and on and on into the night and through the day. I haven't cared so much about a protagonist in a long time. I also love books where a love story is not on the front burner so The Goose Girl was perfect, the love story was there but there were very important things to see to first and I liked that about it. Ani was brilliant and especially near the end, I felt that we are quite alike in our values and tempers.

Basically, The Goose Girl is an absolute breath of fresh air. There is witty dialogue, wonderful characters, good portrayal of the fact that nobody is perfect and, trust me, you will never feel so upset over an animal! I cannot give this book enough praise. An immediate absolute favourite. Shannon Hale, I applaud you!

Read The Goose Girl! it is impossible that you will regret it! And who doesn't love a strong female protagonist who can well and truly hold her own?
I honestly can't say enough nice things about this book. A complete masterpiece.

Favourite passage(I read this over and over. So beautiful):
"Looking into his dark eyes was like gazing at a calm river, and in them she saw the reflection of the leaning trees behind her, of golden leaves, of herself crowned by autumn. She lifted her face to him and was aware of the fullness of the sun on her skin, breaking through the cold air. [He] touched her cheek, smooth as a teardrop, thrilling as a lightening storm. She felt real."

Simply beautiful.

(Also, if you haven't done so I recommend reading A Book of a Thousand Days, also by Hale and also a wonderful book.)


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Quotes Esther ✨ Liked

Shannon Hale
“Right now I'd like all my troubles to stand in front of me in a straight line, and one by one I'd give each a black eye. ”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“But in a country where you hang your dead up on walls and pride whether or not a man bears a javelin more than his character, how am I to persuade you out of a war? It would be suicide for Kildenree to war on Bayern and butchery for Bayern to attack Kildenree. If you don't believe me, then send me back. Or if you don't trust me to leave, I'll return to my little room on the west wall and tend your geese, and you can be sure that on my watch no thieves will touch my flock.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“When you get tired of worrying and mourning your horse and trying not to be afraid, tell me and I'll do it for you a while so you can shut your eyes and sleep peaceful.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“They finished laughing and caught their breaths, and looked at each other, and Ani thought Geric looked at her too long, as though he forgot he was looking, as though he did not wish to do anything else. She looked back. Her took heart took its time quieting down.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“Yes, we'll yell, 'Help, help us, goose girl, and bring the terrifying legion of warrior geese'.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“If we're mad, we're mad in large numbers, at least larger than yours.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“You saw my leg?"
"How can a man help what he sees?" he said. "And, if I could add, you possess a very fine leg.”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

Shannon Hale
“I, Geric-Sinath of Gerhard, declare that you're beautiful and you're perfect and I'll slay any man who tries to take you from my side. Goose girl, may I kiss you?”
Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

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