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Bloodspell by Amalie Howard
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Mar 30, 2011

really liked it
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Amalie Howard manages to take two elements we see used in hundreds of different ways across an enormous number of YA books and breathe such a fresh new life into them. She stayed true to the darker aspects of witches and vampires while adding her own original spin on the mythology. Rather than just imply that, 'yes, this vampire is good and does not kill, but still struggles to keep his fangs in place' she shows the conflicting emotions, the terrible all-consuming temptation and she allows her characters to falter. Both Christian and Victoria, while battling the darker urges within them both, are trying to gain control. But they aren't foolproof. They slip up. The darker side takes control sometimes. And I love that she doesn't gloss over the consequences. People die. Blood is shed. The flaws and mistakes are what make these characters 'human'.

Relationships between witches and vampires has been forbidden for centuries. So they're also battling with the fact that they're basically starcrossed lovers, neither are permitted by the laws to come together in such a way. But how can you choose not to love someone?

The blood pulsing through Victoria's veins - the one with dark, terrible urges. That fights for control. For sacrifice. For death - the one she calls the Cruentus Curse, is the very same blood that Christian's twin brother, Lucian is hunting. The vampires call the one with this blood Le Sang Noir. And Lucian wants her badly. Her abilities can give him the power and control he craves, not only over the vampires but possibly the witch clans too. But what he doesn't fully realise is the danger of this blood's temptation. Let's just say, that blood running through her veins? It's badass... in all kinds of horrific ways.

I also have to make note of the setting. We not only see the US, but beautiful Paris too! Christian and Victoria both make a few trips (pretty easy to travel between continents when you're a vamp who can fly and a witch with the ability to teleport) to Paris to visit the vampire Council. It the media release I received for the book, it said that Amalie has visited 141 cities in 18 countries (WHOA!), her travels definitely paid off because they give a great backdrop for the novel.

There's also a ton of action and fight scenes to keep readers on their toes. It does not shy away from bloodlust and the violence that you would expect from a guy who craves blood or a girl harbouring a murderous curse within her veins. Bloodspell is everything you could ask for when two supernatural worlds collide together. Amalie explores the darker side of vampires and witches all while maintaining the bond between our two main characters and their struggle to make their love work.

A unique and compelling mythology, deliciously forbidden romance, headstrong characters and a dark, haunting vibe that will keep you hooked until the very last page. I'm so happy this is only the first book in the series, I cannot wait to dive back into this world again!
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message 1: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ Great review! Your making me really excited for this one!

message 2: by Anja (new)

Anja great review bordie! This goes on my TBR list :P

Amalie Howard Thanks for the fabulous and articulate review, Brodie! Parts of it seemed like I was reading a jacket flap!! You really *got* this book, especially the whole element of darkness! So glad you enjoyed it! :)

message 4: by Diamond (new)

Diamond Awesome, looks great! I'm gonna read it soon, just got my copy today wanted to know what to expect

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