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The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason
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Apr 02, 2011

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** A big thanks to NetGalley and MIRA for the opportunity to read this book. Also a big thanks to the author for writing said book.

This book is the first book in a new series by Ms. Gleason about Draculia, a breed of vampire, living in Regency. The main characters in this book are Voss Arden the Viscount Dewhurst a Dracule that has been around for 148 years and Angelica Woodmore the younger sister of the vampire slayer Chas Woodmore who is blessed or perhaps cursed with the Sight.

Prior to the beginning of the novel Chas Woodmore has sneaked away with Cezar Moldavi's sister and prize possession, Narcise. Moldavi sees this as the ultimate humiliation and has sworn vengeance on Woodmore. The easiest way to get to Chas, of course, is to go after his younger sisters and it is rumored that one or more of them can see the future which would prove very useful in thwarting the enemy.

So when we meet Voss he has come to tell Dimitri, Earl of Corvindale, what has occurred with Chas and that of course Dimitri will now be expected to take the young Woodmore sisters into his care. This is how the story begins and also how Voss and Angelica come into contact with one another. It seems to be love and/or lust at first sight. It seems that Chas has kept his sisters in the dark about vampires and his extracurricular activities. So Angelica and her siblings have no idea that their new guardian is a vampire and that Voss is one as well.

Voss is the epitome of a man's man. He has always viewed women as objects to satisfy his sexual desires and nothing more. He has spent the whole of his life being able to seduce and coax any woman into his bed no matter her status or station, even prior to becoming a vampire. He also does not care about what happens to others of his kind. All that seems to matter to him are his little intrigues and games that he plays against those he finds uptight.

Angelica is singularly unique woman considering the time she lives in. She is somewhere around eighteen years old but is very mature for her age. Due to her Gypsy blood she has inherited the gift of Sight. She can see the moment of someone's death by concentrating on something that has touched their skin. As the book progresses we learn that Angelica sees vampires as monsters and even though she has very strong feelings for our beloved hero she absolutely refuses to give into those feelings in fear that Voss will kill her.

I supremely enjoyed this book. It is incredibly rare to find a hero that doesn't do a complete 180 once he meets his lady love. It seems that most romance makes the man change everything about himself until there is nothing left of who he was when we first met him. However, Voss is different, this man doesn't let the lust he feels for Angelica immediately change everything about him. Very refreshing if you ask me. I also liked that Angelica held to her principals as well. While she did feel something very strong for Voss she didn't let the compromise her propriety and once she found out what he was she stuck to what she believed to be the right thing. I don't think I would have liked her character as much if she had thrown all caution to the wind.

I do think that the action in this book was a bit slow. Some of the story seemed to drag a bit and I'd really have to push myself to keep going because I knew that something good was about to happen. I hoping with the next book that there is more action and less exposition.

Looking forward to the next book and to seeing what happens between Dimitri and Maia because they have too much chemistry for things to remain as is.

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