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The Survivors by Amanda Havard
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Mar 31, 11

really liked it
Read from March 29 to 31, 2011

Summary: Sadie is one of The Survivors—a group of people who have been gifted with immortality and other supernatural abilities. The Survivors refuse to interact with the world outside, but eventually Sadie tires of isolation and leaves. Years later, Sadie discovers that there are others in the world with abilities similar to hers—and they’re not friendly. Now she must return to the family she abandoned and warn them of the incoming threat.

The Survivors is an extremely creative take on the supernatural. Amanda Havard delves into old vampire and shape-shifter mythology to present a fresh view on a tired concept—and creates some new lore herself. Havard’s writing, while a bit dense in places, carries the tone of the book well, and keeps the reader actively engaged.

Sadie, our cynical and occasionally unfeeling narrator, is fantastic. Her character reflects a view on immortality that we often forget—that it’s more of a curse than a blessing. Sadie spends most of her new life trying to find a way to off herself, because she wants to be free of the eternal youth that binds her (she’s the only character in the book that feels this way). While this mindset adds more than a touch of darkness to the book, it’s very realistic and thought provoking. I must admit, though, that I’m incredibly jealous of her ability to read an entire book in about 25 minutes (sigh).

On a happier note, The Survivors has a generous dose of hot boys (the presence of whom make Sadie a much more fun character) and intense action scenes. The whole book is a roller-coaster ride of build-up for the second book in the series, Point of Origin. And yes, The Survivors ends with a horrible, horrible cliffhanger. Amanda Havard sure knows how to make readers anxious for book two!

The Survivors is a fresh paranormal debut that I’d recommend to any fan of the paranormal or fantasy genres. I was impressed with its creativity, and am eager to read the sequel.

4/5 stars

Source: received for review from author.

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