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Mixed Breed Cats by Janice Biniok
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Mar 29, 11

bookshelves: animals, boy-friendly, grades-2-5, grades-5-8, nonfiction
Read in March, 2011

One of my work goals is to read more nonfiction books this year. There's lots of boring juvenile nonfiction out there, so I'm always on the lookout for the good stuff. This one was a pleasant surprise. I consider myself a cat care expert, having read lots of adult books on cat care, behavior, nutrition, etc. And here this kid's book hit on almost all the things I consider important--like why you shouldn't declaw, the benefits of feeding a diet of both canned and dry food, what to look for on the cat food label, the benefits of having two cats rather than one, behaviors that might indicate a health problem, what kind of scratching post is best, etc., etc. I also love the little purple "Fast Facts" boxes: did you know that "sometimes cats swat the water in their bowl to create waves. This makes it easier for them to sense the surface of the water with their whiskers, and they avoid dunking their noses when they take a drink." I had no idea! This explains why Rudy does that with the water bowl AND the toilet!

Anyway, now I know just the book to recommend to kids or adults who have a new cat or want to get one.

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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Oh come on! They swat the water because it's fun!

Holly That's what I thought all these years! And maybe you're right and this author is a blowhard.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy No, she's probably right. BUT, I like to think that fun is important for survival of species, too.

Holly You will be pleased to know that the book talks about the importance of playing with your cat ("fun" is one of the main reasons she recommends two cats), and how to read the cat's body language to know when he wants to play, wants to be petted, or wants to be left alone.

Don't you think you should get off the computer now and go play with Tipper and Bessie?

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy Yeah, I'm sure life since Stella's arrival is much less fun.

Holly Do not tell me that. It really makes me not want to get a dog.

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