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My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent
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Mar 29, 2011

really liked it
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After loving My Soul to Take, I couldn’t wait to pick up the second book to find out what was going to happen next. I had high hopes for this book but unfortunately, it ended up falling a little flat of my expectations.

I really enjoyed Kaylee as a character. While having certain insecurities about one thing, she does know herself very well and refuses to back down on what she believes in, no matter what she has to do to get there. I loved this about Kaylee and the fact that she is so strong in her opinions. Kaylee goes as far to refuse to do what her boyfriend wants her to do when it comes to Addison and the sold souls. Nash really doesn’t want her to do anything about it but Kaylee knows that she has to. She can’t leave poor teenage girls without their souls waiting to die. Then, there are Kaylee’s insecurities. I liked this aspect of her the first time around because it made her so real and that hasn’t changed. Kaylee seemed to have eased up a little bit about Nash and his motives but they are still there at the same time. I do hope that Nash either reassures Kaylee in the next book or she does realise that he actually wants her.

I hate to say it after loving Nash so much in the first book but what the hell happened to him?! Gone is the sensitive, caring but oh so passionate guy that I grew to love and wanted more of. Instead, what we get is a quite boring guy with no sense of adventure who is way too overprotective and a little bit controlling. Well, he tries to be anyway. I guess I just felt that Nash’s addictiveness disappeared this time around and he became quite boring. I want much more excitement from him in future books in the series. Please give me the old Nash back.

That being said, the chemistry between Nash and Kaylee is still there. The moments that the couple do actually get to share together and very steamy but I wish there was more of them. Kaylee and Nash never really get much time together on their own though and are constantly interrupted. Although this was frustrating in a good way to begin with, I felt that it happened too often and throughout the whole book. I wanted Kaylee and Nash to get at least half an hour on their own so their relationship could progress a little bit.

Even though I have been quite negative so far, this book wasn’t bad at all. I loved that Nash’s brother Tod was more of a main character this time around. He was interesting the last time around and he only got better in this book. Due to one of the girls without a soul being Tod’s ex girlfriend, a large portion of the plot revolves around him. I was so glad to see him around so much more, even if he did turn up at inappropriate times. Addison, Tod’s ex girlfriend is what the plot is all about. She did kind of come across as a whiney teenager in a bad situation but I could completely understand why for the most part. Even as a teenager, I’m not quite so sure that anyone would sign a contract without at least reading some of it so this part of the story was a little unbelievable for me. She seemed like a bright girl so I didn’t really understand this.

My Soul to Save is fast paced and exciting and the story had me gripped immediately. There is a fair amount of action but not the fighting kind. As Addison only has so long to live, time is running out for Kaylee to figure out a way to get her soul back for her so everything is a massive race against time. The tension and suspense are both high and I was reading as quickly as I could so I could find out what was going to happen to everyone. The Netherworld’s descriptions were amazing and I was so glad to see such a place featured for as long as it was. The creatures and going ons down there was fascinating to read about but also quite terrifying. I wouldn’t want to end up down there for even a second, whether strong Kaylee was with me or not!

While My Soul to Save is good, it just wasn’t as fabulous and the first in the series, My Soul to Take. That being said, it wasn’t anywhere close to being unenjoyable and I will still carry on with reading this series!
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