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Take Me There by Carolee Dean
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I don't know if I can put my feelings and thoughts into words, such is the gravity of my love.

Take Me There takes you by surprise. The cover and summary leads one to expect an ordinary, yet another young adult novel about a bad boy with a troubled past falling for a good girl with a bright future. But any preconceived judgments readers might have are immediately dispelled by, not the first chapter, but the dedication. Dean dedicates the book to individuals who actively make a difference on the "youth of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow." I love that. It shows that she's trying to do something with this book (other than entertain).

I really don't mean to be such a hater or a downer but we all know that right now, in the book business, YA is where its at. I don't think this genre has ever been more popular - not to mention lucrative. I look around and I swell with excitement knowing young people are reading so much. But then I read the books and think they might as well go back to being illiterate...okay, I'm exaggerating but you get my point. I read the array of mindless characters they try to throw at us and the inane storylines where the emotional crux of the plot is whether or not they get together.

I like books that has more at stake. I like complex characters that have more going for them other than a romance. And I feel this book achieves that. I felt for Dylan as a young man in love, yes. But also as a young man neglected by his mother; really, who lacks any guiding authority other than the authorities. As a boy who deserves better friends. A boy who tries to do good but seems so out of luck. A boy trying to escape a fate he feels has been set before him long ago by the father he lost. So much more. I'm just not articulate enough to explain it all.

This book is heartfelt and heart-wrenching; it is yearning and sad; angry and tired. It suffers inner turmoil but stands resolute. It is brave and afraid. It is desperate but not without hope.

I didn't fully understand just how invested I was in the story until I got to the end. I suddenly felt this grip on my soul, my heart, my lungs, what have you, which I then realized had been there for a while, getting tighter and tighter the further I read. It was a very deep and filling breath gathering inside me.

Its so unfair sometimes. Just when you wish a book is the first of a series, its a stand alone. Carolee Dean, please continue this story. I need more.
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Quotes K. Liked

Carolee Dean
“I Know a girl with sea green eyes. She melts the sun, swallows the sky then breathes out stars to kiss the night so guys like me will have some light, she doesn't know the things I've dome. but if a girl like that could love me, i might be clean again”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean

goes round and round
the spinning clock,
until the fateful day
folds it's tired hands
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean
“Let me love you, girl who came from the sea. Let us swim to the bottom of the ocean where we can be anything and where no one can find us. We will grow gills and breathe salt water. We will sprout fins and scales and make our home in underground caves. Or else will drown there. But either way, i will be happy”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean
“Dylan -
People luk at me and wok akros the street
So tired of the suspishus eyes
On all the faces that i meet
And tell me, if i try
To be a diferent guy,
Will you be the girl
To rearrange my wirld?
You take me up,
You take me down,
Take me to the sky,
Take me to the ground,
I'd go anywhere
If you would only take me there.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean
“I'm Writing my stoy. But i'm also plotting my escape from this prison cell.

This is my plan.
I will do it with words.
I will write them by day.
I will write them by night.
I will write them on the walls,
the stalls, the halls.
I will write them in big bold ink
on posters i hang on the concrete blocks.
I will write them on little pieces of paper
I stuff on the mattress and the pillow.
I will write them with fingers
bent and cramped from use.
I will write them in blood
if i have to,
but only my own.
And i will keep writing them,
again, and again, and again,
until i fill this prison cell so full of words,
that the bars bend and buckle and burst
because they cannot contain them
And then
I will
be free.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean
“I have a class in Hermosa Beach that starts at eight, but …”
I wanted to offer to pick up her car, drive her back to Hermosa Beach, take her to the moon.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

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message 1: by Flannery (new)

Flannery This review makes me excited. I just found this at the Borders closing sale and bought it on a whim for $3. (I hadn't heard anything about it) Your review came through my feed. Thanks for pumping me up:)

message 2: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. Its one of the best YA novels I've ever read, it hits you with so much more than you expect. Also, I'm so envious! This book isn't at any bookstore in my city :(

Happy reading!

Sana Eeek! You're the first person ever who seems to love this book as much as I did. xD

Julia Karszes I totally agree with you on this book. I thought that this book was going to be a typical love/romance novel, but the story is so long, and it keeps you wanting more. I loved this book as well, and i also agree with you on wanting a series out of this book because i hate that feeling when, after you finish a book you are wanting more of what could happen next.

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