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The Shiva Option by David Weber
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Oct 05, 11

bookshelves: science-fiction, military-sci-fi, space-opera, epics
Read in May, 2010

This... this is how you write Military Sci-fi! David Weber knows what the reader is looking for when they come to this sub-genre of Space Opera--lots of action, millions of starships, the deepness of space, the inter-planetary battles, the alliances between alien races. It's all here! Look no further!

Hey! You! Yeah, I'm talking to you--the person holding that David Drake novel! Put it down--slowly--& walk away from it right now! You need to walk over to the "W's" & pick up the book that comes before THE SHIVA OPTION, IN DEATH'S GROUND (STARFIRE #3), & buy it along with this novel. You don't need to start at the beginning with this series--I didn't--but you should read these two books together in order to fully enjoy the epic Interstellar Bug War our planet finds itself in.

While humanity is searching for new star-gates (wormhole-like anomalies in space), they come across the massive Dreadnought starships of the Bug race who attack the Terran starships without provocation. From this point, IT'S ON! All out war for the survival of the human race & their alien allies (who are now former enemies) to not become Bug food.

Massive battles erupt in space with vast interstellar armadas facing off to epic proportions but there's a twist: Weber brings character to each clash through development of his military commanders & their alien counterparts. Some readers say you don't care too much about them but I beg to differ. While the character development isn't as deep as some sci-fi novels, Weber does an excellent job without forgetting he's writing an action novel too.

I've always been hesitant to read military sci-fi, thinking it would be incredibly boring--that would be David Drake--but Weber is a fine craftsman of the sub-genre that makes you want to continue to read his other novels. IN DEATH'S GROUND & THE SHIVA OPTION are strong testaments to what it takes in order to make a successful military Space Opera sing.

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