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I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly
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Mar 28, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** I don't know, I feel pretty conflicted about I Kill Giants. I want to try to not review this as the story I wanted it to be, but rather the story it is. So there's going to be some spoilers here, so if that kind of thing offends you, you should probably stop reading this review now. I'm not sure what the consensus on Goodreads is about I Kill Giants. I thought in the end, it was an okay story. There were major problems I had with the book on a conceptual level, that stopped me from completely loving the book. On one hand, I thought tying the Giants into the death of the main character's Mother was clever and the final scenes between the two characters were effective. With that said, for a story called "I Kill Giants", it was a little odd that no actual giants, figurative or literal, were in the story. The mythology behind the story made a very clear distinction between Giants and Titans and it's the latter that shows up.

My second major problem is, in the afterward, Joe Kelly talks about the artists imagination and how clever and refreshing the designs were of everything. Which I agreed with, until the Titan showed up. The Titan had a very striking resemblance to one of the Colossi from the video game Shadow of the Colossus. Here is a reference picture for you to keep in mind when reading this story, so it's not exactly the same design, but there is a panel that even seems to have the iconic bridge from Shadow of the Colossus and nowhere in the afterward did the artist say that he was inspired by the game. It's possible this is a complete coincidence and maybe it's just in my own head that I'm making the connection to the imagery, but it's still striking enough for me to bring up.

The last thing I have to say, is that while the final scenes between the Mother and main character were effective, I don't feel like the story as a whole had anything important or insightful to say about death. Which is a complicated and emotional topic to talk about, so with it not really having anything interesting to bring to the table of the subject, kind of felt like an exercise in futility.
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04/03/2011 "The Titan is very Shadow of the Colossus. Like almost to the point of being a ripoff."

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