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The Zombie Autopsies by Steven Schlozman
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Apr 18, 2011

really liked it
Read from March 28 to April 18, 2011

Zombies are cool right now. I’m not sure what inspired their comeback exactly… but they are certainly back and there’s no hiding from them! With shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and the hugely successful book by Max Brooks ‘World War Z’ it appears that the more realistic the media – the better.

People want to know ‘what would happen if the apocalypse occurred tomorrow?’.

Well… ‘The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse’ aims to answer that question.

Firstly, I need to tell you that it’s quite a creepy book. When you pick it up… it looks… I guess the word is ‘official’. There are classified and disclosure messages all over the place. Unlike the usual and unbelievable fake looking ‘classified’ type stamps, you will find real looking and sounding notes by ‘the government’. Even more impressive is the fact that each page looks to have been a scan of the notes actually written by ‘Dr Blum’. The background is not plain white paper as in a novel; it is crumpled looking paper with a font that really does look like handwriting. Then, every few pages there are the hand-drawn images that ‘Dr Blum’s’ assistant is described to have drawn throughout the autopsies – all of them are fairly realistic and very gruesome.

Yes… it really is a book about ‘Autopsies’ – it’s not really a story. Some people may struggle with this aspect of the book if they pick it up expecting a tale – but I think as long as you know roughly what it is when you pick it up you will be pleasantly surprised.

Imagine that qualified doctors had been sent into a lab with a number of zombies to dissect and told to record exactly what they find – there you go… you now know what this book is. Each page flows through the few weeks that Dr Blum is at the facility, his dissection of the 4 zombies that lay in a containment chamber and his scientific findings.

Dr Blum accepted this job knowing that once he arrived he would not leave. So in addition to the diary of a scientist, you are also reading the diary of a dying man. Some of the book is quite disturbing because of this… this great man has watched the world pretty much collapse because of this disease and although he knows he will die, he pre-emptively ends his life to find not a cure, but clues to a cure… that’s quite a powerful sacrifice.

I guess the remaining question is ‘Why read it?’. If it’s not a story, why should you spend a couple days reading it? This book is certainly aimed at real hardcore zombie fans. If you enjoy reading about Zombies, but always have that ‘how really would they work!?’ or ‘I don’t think those aspects of a Zombie as possible’ type feeling – this book will break down a zombies physiology and biology for you and explain it is a way that you will from now on be able to comprehend them as viable creatures.

I would say though that upon finishing this book it will haunt you for a while. The fact there is no real ending and that you don’t know what happens to the world following the end of the journal, it leaves you wondering. In a way this makes the book far longer than it actually is. Where as a 500 page book might take 10 hours to read but give you a satisfying ending… this book takes 5 hours to read but gives you endless hours of thought and consideration…

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