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The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister
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Mar 26, 11

it was amazing
Read in March, 2011

This book is Absolutely wonderful!!! I love the humor and the way Katie writes. Her sex scenes are just enough. All through the book Harry (H) and Plum (h) talk to each other about what they what to do to each other from the sex guide, that Plum wrote, but...Harry doesn't know that until the end. The positions have crazy names but we...the reader never get any details how to do them....your imaginations have to step in. LOL

The children (5 of them) and their antics are so funny. Plum is always telling Harry what the children "did" when they went to ie. the fruitery and made all the fruit roll around or the glass place and now the children will be paying for it out of their allowances their father gives them. She is always trying to keep the children in line. I could just picture her getting ready to pull her hair out.

One of the scenes was so funny.....Nick (Harry's Godson who is dresed as a beggar in disguise) rescues the children in the Serpentine....only to find out what needed rescuing was little white mice sitting on the boats the children were sailing and started to sink. Sooo funny when he says, "Mice? I jumped into the water fully clothed to rescue mice?
"No one asked you to," Thom ( Plum's niece she's raised since she was 20)said indignantly.
"I distinctly heard you say, 'Save them, they're drowning.' If that isn't asking me to save them--"
"Them being the mice," Thom interrupted.
"I didn't know you were screaming about the mice. I thought you meant the children were drowning. it was a logical mistake, considering the evidence."

I giggled out loud through this whole book. At the end when Plum gives birth she tells Harry, "You can't imagine the sort of pain you feel in labor. It's indescribable, it's absolutely indescribable, it's so bad you want to set your hair on fire just to distract yourself from the consuming, absolute horribleness of it all......" Then she tells Harry, "If you impregnate me again, I will take your scrotum, pull it over your head, and --" LOL.............soooo good.
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