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The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and Other Unnatural Attractions by Robert Rankin
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Mar 26, 11

Well this is a strange one. I don’t know what to think of Mr. Rankin, He is described as the Frank Zappa of fantasy, this is the second book of his I’ve read. The first one is Armageddon: The Musical, which is about Elvis saving the world with the help of Barry the time travelling brussel sprout. Don’t ask.

Devilfish Girl is one of his Steampunk novels. The year is 1895 and nearly a decade has past since the Martian invasion as recounted in H G Wells, non fiction novel, The War Of The Worlds. The Martian craft were back engineered by Charles Babbage and Nikolai Tesla and Mars was invaded by Britain and is now part of Queen Victoria’s Great British Empire. This story follows George Fox and his adventures as he tries to get a better life other than working on a travelling side show exhibiting a pickled Martian left over from the war.
I’ll say one thing for Robert Rankin he writes some crazy shit. I don’t always find him funny but he is always… interesting. This book defiantly has some inspired ideas and a fair sprinkling of wit.

If you want to read something a bit out there and the plot of one of his books catches your eye, go for it.

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