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Disney after Dark by Ridley Pearson
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Mar 26, 11

really liked it
Read in March, 2011

Talk about the classic case of the Battle of Good and Evil! And who knew there was evil in the Magic Kingdom? Oh, wait...Walt Disney did and he left a plan to battle the evil forces when they would arise.
Walt has shared an ancient fable with his original team of Imagineers. They are sure it holds the key to quelling the evil powers that they know are rising after dark in DisneyWorld but they don't know how to unravel the clues. In fact they aren't sure where to start looking for clues. But they do know their technology, so they hire some kids as park guides with the intention of creating holograms of the kids which can return to the park after hours and see what is going on.

Finn Whitman is one of these five young teenagers. They have been selected for specific skill sets, which when used together create an innovative group of young detectives. Finn was selected for leadership strengths. He becomes aware of the Disney organization's plan to use them as something beyond Park guides when he starts having recurring dreams of the park every night. In one dream he meets the old Imagineer Wayne, who convinces him first, that this is not a dream, and second that he must return the next night with the other teens so that Wayne can explain the mission just once, to all of them.

They don't all attend the same school and were not acquainted before they went to work at the Park so getting them together is not as simple as it might have been. Finn gets some unexpected help from a nice girl named Amanda, so he is able to arrange a time for the teens to go to sleep at the same time so that they will "cross over" at the same time. If their parents check on them, they are still in bed asleep at home, but their holographic image is in the park. They gradually become aware of some powers they have as holographs. One they realize quickly is that they can see the bad guys moving through the park, whereas Wayne cannot.

After dark, the audio animatronic figures that entertain Disney guests during the day may well be up to no good at night. The teens discover this quickly when they have a battle with the Pirates of the Caribbean, but they have scary run ins all over the park as they slowly gather and decipher clues. The evil forces also want the answers which the kids are seeking, so they dare to venture out of the park to strengthen their odds at overpowering the kids and gaining more control of the Park.

Mr. Pearson has created a fast paced adventure with clever capable young teens as protagonists and he certainly knows the Park and it's inner workings inside and out. Pearson and Dave Barry co-wrote the Peter and the Star Catchers series which was a great adventure series, and I expect to enjoy this series just as well. And I enjoyed reading it on my Nook, btw!
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