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Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult
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Apr 08, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: angst-filled, disturbed, domestic-fiction, dysfunctional-famlies, family-turmoil, psychological-fiction, tragic, vigilantism
Read from March 26 to April 07, 2011

This book took me on a rollercoaster of feelings. The prose was decadent, but sassy… poignant yet so simply true. The plot, as creative and clever as it was, did have a few flaws that tripped me up a time or two. The flaws weren’t mistakes, so to speak, but more so elements that were just to tough to chew, much less swallow. Child molestation is never a warm and fuzzy topic, and as horrifying as it might be for victims and the ones they love, I myself am fascinated by the aftermath enough to be enticed with plot lines that interweave such a heavy issue with other moral implications. At that, Picoult succeeded. She also succeeded in getting me to dislike the narrator. The book was told in various perspectives, but only one of which was first person. I think that choice was definitely a wise one to make, because had it all been in 3rd person, I would have related even less to Nina. She was a know-it-all, self-righteous prosecutor whose guilt over falling short of being a protective mom catalyzed into a calculating scheme to undermine, manipulate and exploit the very justice system she serves to uphold. Without giving any spoilers away, I will try to say what about it was so disconcerting. I guess, to be fair, the author intended it to be disconcerting, but there were just too many convenient coincidences that fell into place for the twists and turns, and Nina’s decision to carry out the law with her own hands just didn’t seem very believable. She was so selfish, such a control freak, and so not in tune with the way her loved ones needed her that I couldn’t fully buy into that being a realistic character. That said, the extreme behavior and intricately woven character relationships did make for an interesting read. And the ethical, legal and moral situations that surfaced at every turn definitely got me thinking. That is why in the end, I will have to give this a fairly high rating…because after I closed the book, as much as I know I would never want to be a mom like Nina, or have a friend like her, there were moments in which her humanity was so raw that she and her rather extreme, callous and ridiculous choices will stay with me.

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Sarah Great review! This was my least favorite Picoult book - I usually love her books.

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