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Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack
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Mar 26, 11

bookshelves: apocalyptastic
Read in March, 2011

** spoiler alert ** An unexpected pleasure. I'm not sure why this book showed up in my hold queue; maybe I read a review that Dan liked & filed the title away? In any case, welcome to the diary of Lola, a 12-year-old who lives in a New York that the army half-occupies, where TB is rampant, where the only job her father can get is in a giant bookstore working 80 hours a week for a sadist (and you thought your boss was bad!) & the President has been assassinated so often, no one cares anymore. It can be very hard to abide the passive-voice, past tense slang that Lola's writing becomes - for example, "I headshook not knowing but hoping not. 'Hear' I said. 'Nada's wrong with me cause I girl exclusive. If you and Iz like boys too that's your life. She help me with that and there's no denying.' Jude stared me updown like I dumfounded her. 'Girl that's not what's meant. 'We're tribal. You're not. Her flinging with you's a catkiller nada more. Am I incoming or not?' - but I'm glad I stuck with it. The story is well worth it (although I find myself mentally asking people, "What's meant?" all the time now).

I have one nitpicky, spoilery rant. *Spoiler!* Okay, so the last line. It made me chuckle. And after all that had happened thus far, I'm sure a teehee was not what the author intended. I just think that the DCons would've been a little more scary if there'd been any evidence of them as a gang at all, not just, "ooo, they're sooo bad!" testimonies and no evidence of their atrocities. And with so much other bad stuff being perpetrated by our own government, who cares about some gang that no one sees? But now I think I was being too literal. Maybe "I'm with the DCons now," isn't as melodramatic as it sounds since there's no physical gang that you join, it's more a euphemism for, say, "I've beaten my dead father's psychotic employer to death with a baseball bat, so I am now so far removed from the realm of society, I'm "with the DCons." And if you look at it that way, you can continue to be haunted and weirded out & sad about Lola for the next week or so just like me.
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