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Wildefire by Karsten Knight
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May 27, 11

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Do you know how you are really excited about a book and you have this feeling you are going to LOVE it. But soon as you start reading it you start to wonder if you have received the same copy as others who fell head over heels in love with it? Well, that is exactly what Wildefire was for me. I have a confession. I totally fell for the hype with this one. I really wanted to love this. Even when I felt like giving up halfway through, I continued on in hopes that it would get better. But, alas, for me, it did not. Did I hate it? No, that wouldn't be fair. Saying I hated it would put it on the same pathetic shelf along City of Fallen Angels and Marked and Wildefire wasn't *that* bad. But, was I disappointed? Immensely.

I gave this book 2 stars because while I didn't really like it, there were a few things I did like. So, I'll start at the good.

One of Wildefire's best qualities was the diversity of ethnicities. In the beginning, I'll admit I had trouble keeping up with who was who. The plus side to this is that it caused me to Google images of people from different cultures to get a better visual picture in my mind.

Ashline and her sister Eve are both Polynasian

Ade is Haitian

Rolfe is Scandinavian

Lily is Japanese

Raja is Egyptian

Ok, so don't laugh. *snicker, snicker* But as I was reading this book it kind gave me flash backs to Captain Planet.

We're the Planeteers! You can be one too! 'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!

Other than the diverse cultures, I found the banter between the characters funny and entertaining at times. But, it was hard to determine who was speaking unless Knight told me who it was. Every character was snarky and it seemed like their personalities often times just blended together.

And that is pretty much where my warm fuzzies for this book ends. Ready for the bad? NOTE: This part may contain spoilers.

Our story begins with Ashline Wilde in a confrontation with a classmate over a boy. At first, I really liked her. I thought she was spunky and a strong MC. However, that image of her quickly died as the novel wore on. But before we even get to her, let's start off with asking why the Principle was just standing around in the first scene of the book with a student sprawled out on the ground unconscious? Hmmm? He might as well have stayed in his office for all the good he did. I don't care that he was scared of Eve, can we at least help the poor girl up?! If you are wondering if this book has more of these irritations, the answer would be, "Yes, yes it does."

Let us continue our discussion of Ash. I spent most of the novel asking questions that Ash should have been asking herself. It was quite frustrating. For example, it seems she just accepted her sister's weird powers in the beginning before she even knew what she herself was. I didn't find that very realistic. She didn't even question it.
Another example would have to be the love interest, Colt. First off, any book that proposes insta-love with me already gets on my bad side. I don't have an issue if there is a mystery or reason clearly behind it and the MC actually *questions* it (that's the key point here). But, it was like, they meet in a bar one night and he is completely captivated with her. Ok-tay, fine. I can get with that. But then he shows up randomly at her tennis practice (major stalker vibes). To giver her credit, a day or so later she does ask him why he is so interested, but he gives her the most creepy, stalker answer ever. He borderline tells her, she has given his life new meaning and she just accepts it and decides to go out on a date with him.


As for the other characters in the book, I didn't really connect with them. I would have liked to see what happened to make Eve the way she was. What was the catalyst to her wild behavior? The rest had relatively small parts. I thought we would see more of them considering their whole mission to save the world and all. But there was no saving. Not even a small attempt. The book compromised of classes, shopping, visits from psycho big sis, a date and school dance. Oh and what the hell! Let's throw in a fight scene at the end.

OK my biggest beef with this book: (huge spoiler) (view spoiler)

The cliffhanger was OK. I kinda figured it was headed in that direction. I will check out the next book in the series because I'm curious to were Knight is planning on going with all this. This series has a lot of potential. It would be wrong to give up so soon.

ARC was received through Simon and Schuster's galleygrab program.

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05/23/2011 page 3
0.76% ""Shut up, bitch," Ash said, raising a hand to silence her. "The grown-ups are talking." Ash, I love you already. :D" 5 comments
05/23/2011 page 50
13.0% "I'm not sure how I felt about that first chapter. Hopefully things improve for me."
05/23/2011 page 60
15.0% "This book makes me chuckle. Lol."
05/24/2011 page 79
20.0% "There are a lot of different ethnicities in this book. Me like. :)"
05/25/2011 page 110
28.0% "There is something about this book that feels off to me. I'm hoping that will change soon."
05/25/2011 page 125
32.0% "So far this book is a bit disappointing. Maybe I fell for the hype. I'm not even sure how I feel about the MC. For some reason I'm getting House of Night vibes. Please tell me it gets better?" 3 comments
05/25/2011 page 136
35.0% "This feels like a "just accept it" moment. Not one of the characters want to question the situation."
05/25/2011 page 194
49.0% "I don't get it. Why does Colt have such a huge interest in Ash? They just met two days ago!"
05/26/2011 page 254
65.0% "*sigh* It's almost over. Maybe I'll finish today."
05/26/2011 page 256
65.0% "Omg. The romance is so forced! I can't take it! You only met a few days ago, yet here you are at some ungodly hour perched on her second story window. Makes no sense! Why are you so smitten with her?!" 3 comments
05/26/2011 page 312
79.0% "I think I have reached the "tennis court" scene. Will it be enough to change my opinion of the book?"
05/26/2011 page 322
82.0% "How does Colt afford gold earrings with ruby gem stones? Is he supposed to be rich? He's a freshmen in college and works as a ranger. And I'm officially confused."

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message 1: by Cory (new)

Cory Eh, I knew there was a reason I stopped at page 75. I like snark and violence in small amounts, but the writing just wasn't working for me.

Steph Sinclair The writting style can be summed up as: Snarkfest.

P.E. I like your review. :) I thought the same thing, Wildefire disappointed me and I was upset about that.

I was wondering the same thing about the spoiler though. It didn't make sense to me.

Great review!

Steph Sinclair Thank you! :)

M. Kay You pretty much said, everything I felt towards this book. It took me weeks to work through this book. I was so disappointed, I couldn't bother to rate it.

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