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The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter
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Paris and Sienna's story has been a long time coming and while I've always been rather ambivalent towards the Keeper of Promiscuity, I was still interested in how Showalter would pull off a HEA for the Lord who needs one-night stands in order to survive. Now that I've read 'The Darkest Seduction' I can say that while I did (for the most part) like it, it wasn't (IMO at least) Showalter's best work.

What I liked:
1. I really like how Showalter gave us updates and insights into what's going on with the other Lords - both the one's who are already living their HEA and those guys (and girl) whose stories are in the making. The LotU world has really expanded since the series began with 'The Darkest Night' and (by my count) Kane, Torin, Cameo, Galen/Legion, and William/Gilly are waiting on their books and (with the exception of Cameo) GS has begun setting up their respective stories.

2. Zacharel, pink punk fallen angel dude, and the alluded angel bada$$es in Z's posse - GS has done some great work setting up her spin-off series 'Angels of the Dark'. I personally loved the novella 'The Darkest Angel' featuring Lysander so I'm stoked that the angels' are getting their turn.

3. Some things finally get resolved! A LOT of stuff happens in 'The Darkest Seduction' - at 504 pages this is the longest LotU yet and in that span (view spoiler) The whole story arc has taken an unexpected but welcome twist that I'm looking forward to keep reading about.

What I didn't like:
1. Notice that Paris and Sienna didn't make my "What I liked" list? Well, even though this was mainly their story, I actually felt their relationship was kinda forced and stilted in parts. It wasn't awful per se, but it was one of the weaker HEA's I've read for the Lords (about on par with maybe Gideon's and Aeron's stories). Yeah, Paris has been yearning for Sienna ever since finding out she's the special girl who he can get repeat boners for, but the explanation given as to why this is just didn't quite work for me.

So, even though this isn't my fave 'Lords of the Underworld' installment, it was still an entertaining read overall and I will definitely be continuing on with the new series and the remaining LotU books. Kane's up next (there's just something about the Keeper of Disaster I really like) and it should be apocalyptic - literally!

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Melanie Thanks Baba ;)

Hbeebti Great review.Im itching to get my hands on this one. :)

I have been patiently waiting for Torin's book. Hopefully soon.

Melanie Thanks Hbeebti! Yeah, I'm hoping Torin gets a book soon - poor guy! Showalter's got her work cut out for her with that particular Lord ;D

Angela Good review and I agree with your points. GS has me looking forward to where she is taking the story arc. There are so many possibilties.

message 6: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Actually, in all of Gena's books, she never explains why the women are a match for the men. They just are. Just like in real life, why someone is a good match for someone isn't always explained in black and white. Love isn't something that can be defined. I agreed with all of your 'likes', but have to kindly disagree with your dislike. Awesome review.

message 7: by Melanie (last edited Mar 10, 2012 04:03PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Melanie Well we all have our own opinions. I really do think that given Paris' demon's "special" requirement an explanation is needed for why Sienna is so unique to him. The other guys didn't have a demon that prevented them (in theory) from being faithful to a one and only, hence an explanation as to the "why" for their women wasn't paramount to their stories.
The book kept referring to the demon as Sex, but he's not just sex, he's Promiscuity and by definition is not faithful - can't be faithful even - yet now Paris and Promiscuity "react" repeatedly Sienna. Showalter herself tried to come up with a reason for Sienna+Paris... Unfortunately, I think the reason she provided was weak - most women (and people in general) have multi-faceted personalities - and Sienna certainly didn't come across as unusually so. IMHO this book would have been a whole lot stronger if GS had of nailed down a more convincing explanation....

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