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The Thornthwaite Inheritance by Gareth P. Jones
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Mar 25, 2011

really liked it
Read in January, 2010

I love a good action book, but sometimes the ambitious mix of excitement and suspense makes you wish that, perhaps amid all that excitement, there would be a little twist and creativity with romance in the story. This story combines suspense with twists and laughs with a splash of creativity here and there... as well as romance and tricks.
Gareth P.Jones takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level. I mean, come on, I've heard of siblings fighting over the remote control, but I have never heard of siblings hating each other so much they try to kill each other. As you can see on the title of the book, the siblings try to kill each other-- for real. Why? Is it because of being raised poorly? Heres one of the weird catches-- no one knows! It just became a habit after awhile. Another twist? There aren't the only inhabitants of the castle they live in... Something else? Yes, they live in a castle, FYI. If you can find so many differences in the first 2 chapters of the book.... Imagine how creative and interesting the story is!
By the way, for some reason, the other people of the house never prevent them from killing each other, and for 14 years,nothing has changed. They are home-tutored, and shut off from the rest of the world, after their parents died. By the way, the siblings are twins.
The father died simply because he stuffed himself silly with food... and then poison was discovered in the food. Because the mother made the food, she was accused of killing the husband. Before she was investigated though, she also died by accident. To put it in simpler words, she died of a wrong phone call. How? Read the book yourself, I'm not going to be a party-pooper.
The best part of the story was the end. Before the story, the story was built up in such a way that the end was thought to end this way. The cook, who poisoned the father, would be arrested, and the twins would be heartbroken that someone who had feed them, and loved them would be arrested. However, here is the part where the most twists, the most changes, the most suspense comes in.It appears that the cook did not kill the father at all! The truth is much more complicated and twisted, actually. What happens, actually? Well, I can't tell you much... However, I can tell you that someone does die in the end, it is one of the people currently living in the house...
This is a great story, truly. The flaw was that a romance cum adventure story doesn't really attract people to read... Also, the romance part was too romantic for my liking. Too discriptive, and it sounded too much like a play Shakespeare would have written. Well, to those who have read the book: If only I could rewrite the part of the book like Lorelei did... Cest La Vie!

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