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Hero Wanted by Dan McGirt
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Mar 24, 11

Read in March, 2011

Hero Wanted is a rare gem of a novel in a dump truck filled with standard fare fantasy. It doesn't pretend to lofty seriousness - this is a comedy adventure after all. Having said that, it doesn't dumb itself down - there is wit both high and low brow but often somewhere in the middle.

The main character, Jason Cosmo, is not a brash hero or a know it all, nor is he an ignoramus or coward. He flitters from one extreme to another while trying to find his place in the mayhem that besets his existence as he is plunged into a turbulent adventure. He's fun to watch and has a highly entertaining voice - a good thing since the story is told from his perspective.

His cohorts are a colourful group that only includes one person who is well suited to adventuring. The others have to struggle through, using whatever skills they have - even if wildly inappropriate or delightfully random - to survive the challenges ahead. Every character who has more than one line of dialog contributes something worthwhile to the adventure, the same can be said for the various villains.

Villains! There is a kaleidoscopic rogues gallery featured in this book who each have clear motivations, and often different modus operandi. They present fantastic challenges and contribute to the humour throughout the book very evenly.

The world within this book is interesting, hilarious and broad. I can't say much more about it; spoilers are the enemy, after all.

In short, this is an adventurous comedic rampage of a fantasy novel.


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James I'm a little under a third thru, and I have to say, Great recommendation! This book is funny, light, entertaining, and seemingly full of easter eggs. I'm sure I missed some literary references, but so far I'm fairly sure I've seen a Blade Trinity and a Shrek reference. Both had my laughing at how the author works them in so seamlessly. if you have more like this Dan, i'm definitely buying!

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