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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Mar 24, 2011

really liked it

I loved the sound of this book as soon as I saw it at the Simon and Schuster offices! Although I don’t get to read a lot of adult books anymore, due to reading a majority of YA novels for my blog, I knew I had to make some time for this one.

Married with Zombies had me hooked from the very first page. Told from Sarah’s point of view, the book begins by explaining how Sarah and David got into this particular situation. Her voice was clear and interesting to follow and I couldn’t wait to follow her story after the first line. Although David was a good character, Sarah was the stand out for me throughout the whole book. There was just that little bit more about her compared with David and she was a little bit kick ass at the same time!

I have a massive thing about zombie books at the minute and I love that they were forced onto a completely normal, every day situation. A couple on the road to divorce. Surely that must be bad enough for anyone but then add in a load of zombies and people eating each other all over the place and you have some serious problems on your hands! If you took out the zombies, Sarah and David’s relationship would have been completely normal and extremely realistic, fighting about the little silly things in life and generally getting on each others’ nerves. I really enjoyed the realness of this aspect of the book even if the zombie thing did take away from that at certain times.

There is a fair amount of swearing in this book and the ‘F’ word is used from the second page so it is not a book for anyone that doesn’t like reading swear words a lot. This didn’t bother me at all though as adults swear all of the time so it just made the characters more realistic in my opinion. Due to the zombies, there is also a fair bit of action and gore. The ways in which the zombies were killed were extremely funny and the thought that went behind some of the deaths were genius. My idea of fun would be thinking up ways in which you could kill zombies while writing a book about it! I wonder what I could come up with if I actually tried!

Married with Zombies is fast paced, exciting and hilarious all at the same time! I think it would be hard for anyone reading this book to not route for Sarah and David in their fight against the zombies and for their marriage at the same time! I am so glad I took a little break away from YA for this book, well worth it! I have also found out that there will be more books in this series released later on this year which are: Flip this Zombie (July) and Eat, Slay, Love (August). I know I will be getting these books as soon as they are released!

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