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Blaze of Glory by Michael Pryor
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Mar 24, 11

Blurb: There’s a magical and political storm brewing and Aubrey Fitzwilliam is making sure he’s at the center of it. Aubrey is the son of a prominent ex-prime mininster. He’s also brilliant at magic, but he’s stuck at school. Aubrey is also brilliant at dreaming up schemes to get him and his best friend, George, into trouble. A botched magical experiment kills him, though he manages to come back, but only partially. Throughout all the political intrigue going on in the book, this line keeps cropping up as Aubrey attempts to return fully to himself.

Michael Pryor has created an incredible fantasy world – an alternative world of our own. His crafting is rich, inventive, and imaginative. In the story, magic requires almost mathmatical precision of language. There’s no waving of wands in this world. Unfortunately, the world creation is the best part of the story. The main character, Aubrey, seems almost too young for his stated age of seventeen. Additionally, he is a lot like that other famous wizard with dark hair, a slight build, and target for bullies. At least in this one, he gets the girl.

For American readers, the British spelling may be a bit off-putting, but that’s not as bad as the typos and repetitions that a better editor should have caught. In addition, some of the plot twists seem contrived and there is a lot of back story that not only slows the reading down, especially in the beginning, but brings it to a stop. In addition, the ending seemed to lack any oomph. Everything was resolved, but without any real excitement.

I will add a caveat here, though. I have read other Australian books in which some of these things were also an issue for me, but they are not to our mates down under. Something to keep in mind when reading.

I picked this book up with great enthusiasm. After all, I love books about magic and fantasy. Unfortunately, the story did not live up to my expectations, mostly because of the slow pace. Others may enjoy it, especially the struggles Aubrey faces as he attempts to rejoin his soul permanently to his body. Recommended with reservations.
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aidanadia I was just curious, did you continue reading the rest of the series? I encountered the same problem as well in the first book, it felt rather slow moving. The subsequent novels, however, did not make this same mistake in my eyes - they were intense and fast-paced.

Also, what did you mean when you said "at least in this one, he gets the girl"? Surely you're mistaken... Aubrey in fact doesn't get Caroline (certainly not in the first one). A tentative friendship is what I would use to describe the relationship.

Sarah You mentioned the Britis spelling being off-putting... I'm Australian and pretty much every American book I've read has the American spellings. Just thought I'd mention that it goes both ways, and there are a lot more American books on our shelves than Australian books in America (Or at least that's the impression I've gotten).
BTW, I hope I don't sound snarky. It's just a point I noticed. :-1

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