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Aug 28, 2012

did not like it
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Read from September 01 to 03, 2011

I should mention I took a specific angle with this review to avoid spoilers so if you want to comment on that it's cool, I did finish the book and I still think most of it was bull. Oh and I apologize about the language...I tried, I tried really hard but I'm pissed and it's not going away.

"This is a, uh, shortcut,"

Where to start, where to start... Ok so lets go with I'm trying to be a scifi fan but the more I read lately turns up more utter crap than I would like to admit. Somehow it's all about everything but the stuff that matters. Aliens either matriculating and getting something done, new tech that is sought after, space travel... oh yes there's something about flying in space that lures me in, yet somehow I read about crappy romances, terrible friends, and poor decisions in the face of what wouldn't be so much adversity if someone took a moment and made a plan AND STUCK TO IT!

The thing about the book is since it already got its movie rights they're pretty much set and can write whatever they want in hoping that we'll keep on buying it (jokes on them...) It's clear that this was written without much finesse because there are times where events are unfolding and it almost seems counter productive to the plot but it's done anyway just as filler.

Why only nine? These kids are your last hope and all you can do is scrounge of nine of them! Give me a break! Why in order? What kind of charm is that.. wearing off once they're together? Why not keep charming themselves like their legacies to umm combat all those Mogadorians...

What's with the powers? How convenient is it that the cool "actiony" ones are early and the truly helpful ones come later on with the higher numbers? It's my firm belief the only reason they're nine is because thinking of decent powers for them was too hard for them.

Really? Ella being such a talented sneak and painter? God give me a break. Where did she come from! Oh wait...

Also there is no finesse with the chapters. It feels like they're just jumping you back and forth because they don't really care for their readers. There is no rhyme or reason at times. Sadly right after I was about to toss my reader to the ground in frustration they up and changed their M.O. and started changing their POVs mid chapter. Why? Does it make more sense now? Maybe, clearly now they want to keep the timeline more linear so they have all the action hitting you back and forth like a, wait for it, fast paced action movie...

There is a huge gap in how this reads and what is actually written on the page. The focus is all over the place and it never quite gets to where it's going so they just say screw it and start having things explode. When Rick Riordan (Percy, Kane) writes for YA it feels like he's connecting with his viewers because he understands them. He's got experience with what they like, how they like it and at what kind of pace you want to set down for a series to keep them enraptured (yeah I said it!) When they (Lore) write, it feels like they're just going through the motions, and again I attribute this to Michael Bay's already buying the rights for all the movies so I guess they're good...

I'm all for fandom but seriously when we get to a bit of the Lorian history (finally touching on potential cool bits) of all the names in the world, Lara, just about pushed me over the edge. What kind of poo is that! How obsessed were they with Superman! Now really, who couldn't have been more original? Speaking from reading the comics and watching the movies and Smallville I'm going with they must be quite the fans as well since they've got that who L thing going on. It's clear they're struggling with their originality not only in the power department...

I've gotten to the point in the book where I'm pretty much listening on autopilot to the last few pages of the book. Yes, I switched cause I felt the exact opposite of murderous at this point. Its happened, I finally feel like I no longer care about a story which had so much potential but go so very lost in it's execution. Oh yeah there's a lot more action this time around... and it's mostly pointless. Yes they've removed a lot of the more ridiculous points of the alien plot but now there isn't much to tell about what's happening... well what already had happened. Now there's inconsequential moments in the preset while awake AND dreaming that at this point in time have no bearing on the story whatsoever. There is absolutely no reason for some of the deaths that occur in the book. I'll try and say this once but I feel it's going to keep coming up. Having nine (or ten... wtf they never said why the tenth never made it. Why bring it up is it's MEANINGLESS!) survivors... elders.. WHATEVER is a cop out. Either you get your shit together and make a real plan or you all die and there is no story left to tell.

Speaking of a plan, the "must split up and save each other with the charm" thing is really weighing me down now. Maybe if there was some actual logic behind it I'd buy it but if you can make a charm be so kickass when separated without any explanation then you can probably make it kickass all together now. Please we've all seen The X-Men get their act together and do what needs to be done. Why can't we do it here? Or should I alienate an entire race again and said GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER...

There are so many times where everyone is chilling sitting around doing NOTHING. It can't even count it as waiting, they're just chilling, who wants to read that - with clunky dialog and a bunch of poorly conceived innuendo... well it's not innuendo really it's more like a - oh wait a setup for a absurdly huge waste of my mind love triangle. You know it is possible to go through life without fighting over the same people... or even better yet getting things done as a team without making out at every opportunity. Yeah yeah it's more interesting when done right but it for damn sure wasn't done right here...

Onto the next beef. Since useless people are dead, wait or was it they died for no reason and now they seem useless, why do we get super Lorians now with guns and trench coats? Honestly the last third of this book became such a nightmare. Once the cavalry arrives I'm reminded of all the weak moments where everyone was standing around in the first two thirds and I think where in the crap have you been? What were you all doing in the first book? There is literally no allusions, no reference, no reason for them to really show up except to shoot baddies and be there for moral support... It's almost as though they were invited just to move the plot along since there was a lot about the first book that made it unmanageable. No wait, maybe it would look cool in that movie... By the way you do not get to become Superman once enough of your people die you either always were and have been or you were never. Deal with it. No redoes or mulligans, that's what editing is for. Hmm...

"Did you know that if it wasn't for the wind and my need for caffeine one night in Pennsylvania, the night before the attack in Paradise, I'd have never gotten there in time?"

WHAT! Yes there's the winner, there is the shinning moment that makes all of this a reality show folks. That's about all the logic you need to start reading these books as well. No matter how many there will be in total (some report 4 other say 6 - god please let it be on the low side) I'm done for now and I'll try my best to remind myself of that until they're all out and I may see how it fares then. Good luck.
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Pittacus Lore
“The only limits for tomorrow are the doubts we have today.”
Pittacus Lore, The Power of Six

Pittacus Lore
“The key to change is letting go of the fear.”
Pittacus Lore, The Power of Six

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0.0% "Oh man. I'm gonna have to keep my mouth shut I can just tell..."
09/02/2011 page 100
25.0% "(ish...prolly not) so what exactly is the point of having the short story and then repeating the exact text of it in this book. Seriously. These books are meant for children. What child wouldn't have read everything possible that their parent could afford already! Lame."
09/02/2011 page 62
15.0% "(ugh, 100 would've been better) correction. They wrote book first then went for the quick cash with the short story, they don't even match up. That's why the story's in both places... Fail."
09/02/2011 page 151
37.0% "This is such crap. I care so much more for seven then I do of anyone else yet we keep getting a chapter at a time. I should be sleeping and instead I'm reading and getting more pissed off. Nice."
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38.0% "Right, 2 pages ago I got pissed about the chapters and their awful transitions and then they just started switching POVs at random with the start of the very next one. Awful to terrible..."
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41.0% "Two things. One, where are all the Mogadorian women. Two, if they've been following her for a these years what on earth is the catalyst for change after all this time?"
09/03/2011 page 300
74.0% "(ish_) I'm so mad at this book right now I've (1) demoted it to 1 star (2) stop caring and am just playing the audio in the background (3) started writing a review but since every few minutes is a flurry of profanities.. deciding I'll have to calm down a bit to actually post it. So much much wasted."

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