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Coming Undone by Lauren Dane
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She was coming undone and there was nothing to do but let it happen.

The second book of Brown Siblings series, featuring Brody Brown, the oldest son, and Elise Sorenson.

I have a mix feeling about this one. Not quite good as the first book, Laid Bare . Some part are boring, with capital B. Just people talk, chat, greeting each other, have parties,like what you do to your neighbor. Elise and Brody relationship not as deep like Erin-Todd-Ben at Laid Bare. It can be understanding, since they just friend with benefit for the first, but I just feel a little connection with them.

What I love from Coming Undone is family theme at this book, both from Brody and Elise family. Like always, Brown siblings support each other and Elise parents help her to face her ex parents in laws, The Sorensons,while they try to get Elise's daughter, Rennie. Rennie herself is adorable. I don't mind with character have a child. Sometimes it can be annoying for some story, sometimes it feel natural like what Ms Dane do in Coming Undone. Rennie is cute, energetic, and chatter, you will hope to have daughter like her :).

Elise is strong woman, but she's to much blame herself, always feeling guilty, sometimes make me want to slapped her and get over it. Brody,has a bad boy vibe, pierced, tattooed, he is a tattoo artist after all, and riding a big bike. But his heart as big as the moon. He's kind of big brother do you wish to have for and a nice, caring man you want to married with.

This is what Brody must look alike, just minus tattoo ( I can't do photoshop, so I can't give it tattoo :( ) :


The steamy factor not too hot as the first, what make me a little bit surprise, ad not too frequent and creative (except that one when they have sex face the mirror, fyuuuh).Because well, Elise and Brody must deal with Elise issues. She live with her daughter Rennie. And of course she doesn't want her daughter know she have "intimate relationship" with Brody, even at the last they show their love and act naturally. But, fans of Erin-Todd-Ben will rejoiced, since Ms Dane write their sex scene, and I admit that is hotter than Brody-Elise do.

Brown Siblings series seems have heroine deal with their abused past, like Erin at Laid Bare, and Elise at this book. Next book is about Ella, Erin co-worker and Andrew Copeland, Ben's lil' brother. Ella is abused too, and I want to know how Andrew will heal her at Inside Out
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Lauren Dane
“Listen, I'm bossy. I can't help it. It's who I am and what I do. I'm pushy and I like to take over. But I'm going to work really hard not to do so much and your going to try and accept me the way I am. Flaws and all. Because I'm good in bed and I can carry heavy things and reach all the high shelves.”
Lauren Dane, Coming Undone

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message 1: by nurmawati (new)

nurmawati sip ripiu nya....^^

message 2: by Ren (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ren Thank you Chik :D
Jangan2 sukanya gara2 piku cowo naik moge itu, wkwkwkwk

message 3: by nurmawati (new)

nurmawati co nya bukan selera gw hahaha....kita agak2 beda sih selera nya ya..
suka ripiu nya lengkap jadi bisa mutusin perlu beli buunya apa kagak gitu ^^

message 4: by nurmawati (new)

nurmawati agak malas ren kalo ce nya udah punya anak gitu...:p

message 5: by Ren (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ren Seleranya gimana Chik? Ini si Brody baik banget lho :D, walo aura2 bad boy tapi kayak big brother gitu, hohohoho. Aku gapapa kalo cewenya punya anak. Malah seneng kalo ada tokoh anak2, bikin lucu :)

message 6: by nurmawati (new)

nurmawati sukanya yang belom punya anak...janda atau perawan gak masalah hahaha.....
kalo co nya suka bad boy...maksud gw ...yang bukan selera itu co yang diatas itu...yang naek moge....;p

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