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Velveteen by Daniel Marks
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Mar 23, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2012

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Characters: Velvet is the leader of her collections group. Possibly the most famous of her time, going on 56 souls rescued. She leads Quentin, Luisa and Logan into situations in which souls that have been captured need to be released. Her position as body thief or “body snatcher” is when she takes over a human body to help the group get in closer with the soul stealers and help rescue them, and bring them to purgatory.

Plot: There are 3 different layers of stories happening in this novel. Velvet has an obsession with Bonesaw, the man who killed her and so she haunts him (against the rules). There is also something dark and dangerous happening in the Vermillion district of Purgatory that maybe connected to the worsening Shadowquakes. Then there is Nick. He is the love interest and just so happens to be placed into Velvet’s group and now she has to train him, but they’re not allowed to date (yeah right!)

Originality: The world building is very imaginative and unique. The story is divided up between time in Purgatory and time on Earth. Purgatory is described as ashy, dirty and creaky (well the railway is) They have buildings and structured districts. But they cover their bodies with ash so they don’t shine so bright and they are in a constant cloudy darkness. My favorite and most original part of the story are the Shadowquakes. Creepy tendrils that come from above and grab you, showing visions of the most horrific scenes. And quaking enough to knock down buildings.

Writing: The writing has a lot of pop culture references and even though dealing with some heavier topics, takes it on in a more campy way. Small conversations of why these souls are stuck in purgatory. Good VS Evil and consequences for your actions. It’s pretty fast paced, very little down time, one event leading right into another. .

Krista’s Rating: I honestly went into the story thinking it was going to be just Velvet haunting Bonesaw. But got so much more, a whole new world and group of characters that range from zombie-esq to supportive best friend material. Although dealing with some religious ideas that surround purgatory and “moving on” it never gets overwhelming or overdone. It was a lot of fun to read. There are several different layers to the story. Velvet is a strong and menacing character you wouldn’t want to mess with, but would make an amazing friend to have on your side.
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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel Great review! I almost picked this up at the bookstore but decided on something else. I'll be sure to give this one a shot!

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