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By Love Bewitched by Violet Winspear
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I read the first 30 pages and then skim read to the end.

This was pretty dire and the heroine was beyond annoying.

She grows up as jason's ward. He then asks her to marry him. Dinah overhears 2 old biddies saying he is only marrying her out of pity and for some reason decides that this must be right and that she will run away. She tells him that she is leaving for London. It turns out that her ultimate ambition in life is to work in a department store - I kid you not. They argue and he then forces himself upon her. She runs away.

Two months later Jason finds her, in the department store ( living the dream) . They meet up. She tells him she hates him. He wants her to come home and marry him so he can make it up to her. He becomes suspicious and it emerges she is pregnant. She talks about a termination but he convinces her to marry him on the basis that he will look after the baby and she can get a divorce if she wants after the birth.

for the next 100 or so pages, dinah complains constantly about everything. She hates the hero, she hates being married, she wants to be independent ( in the department store?), she makes continual reference to the rape, she hates being pregnant, she hates the jewelry he gives her, she hates the house etc etc etc

Throughout this Jason is remarkably patient and forbearing due to his guilt over what happened. Although in many respects he should be the bad guy, the heroine is such a pain in the neck and such an immature moany wind bag that the reader's sympathy lies with Jason. If dinah was so opposed to him, she should not have married him.

In the end she finally comes around and they have the requisite hea.

I really didn't care.

If she had taken a flying leap off a cliff, I would have cheered.

Not a keeper.
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