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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
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Mar 23, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended to Mariel by: the dolce choir of pretty little birdies
Recommended for: fractured fairy tales


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Marta Acosta Ah, that is my favorite sentence in the book! I recently rented the new movie and had to stop watching it because evidently the director thought he could improve upon the book instead of prostrating himself before it.

When I think of Jane, I think of her in that Red Room terrified. I think of her humiliated and unrepentant at Lowood. I think of her in her simple gray dress keeping to the shadows. I think of her always speaking truth to power.

Mariel The new one with Michael Fassbender? As dreamy as he is I thought they were trying to turn Jane into Bella. It was totally the New Moon dying in the rain over Edward crap.

Marta Acosta I don't think I could watch that far. The scene where she beats her cousin in the beginning was a clue that they were going for action. Also, if a blonde is cast as Blanche Ingram, you know they're playing fast and loose.

As for running around in the rain, I thought the new Pride & Prejudice was absurd. Jane was running in the rain. Her mother was running in the field. Lady Catherine de Burgh is driving to the Bennet house in the fricking middle of the night. If the director could have had carriages crashing and exploding, he would have.

Mariel The 2005 one with Keira Knightely? I liked that the sisterly love in that, at least. The recent Mansfield Park was painful. What happened to all of the good actors in the Uk? Billie Piper? Ugh!

Marta Acosta Billie Piper is terrific in certain roles, i.e. Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, the slut in that diary of a slut series. But she is utterly modern.

The problem with Mansfield Park movies is that most people who make those movies hate the book and hate Fanny. So they always make Fanny vivacious like Frances O'Connor, riding a horse bareback at night, geez. Or they have her cleavage busting out of her gown with tousled bedhead like Billie.

If they hate Fanny because she's not some blooming outspoken modern girl, they shouldn't make a movie of the book.

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