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Entangled by Cat Clarke
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Jun 05, 2011

really liked it
Read in March, 2011

from Murphy's Library — - rated 3 and a half there

Oh, Clarke, what have you done? Entangled got my attention because of its cover. I couldn’t stop staring at it—and then I decided to read what that book was about, and when I did, I needed to read this book. I felt myself drawn to this book, I don’t know why. The synopsys got me in 2 seconds and I bought it on the first chance I had. But I need to say I was kinda disappointed with Entangled, because, to me, the big mystery was solved on… the first page. To be more especific, on the first sentence.

Grace wakes up in a white room, and she can’t remember how she got there. All she remembers is chatting with this cute guy named Ethan she met the night she was going to kill herself. And then… Nothing. Blank. She can’t remember anything between that and the moment she wakes up. She believe Ethan’s keeping her captive there—he brings her food and clothes and he talks to her, he makes questions but he doesn’t answer her questions. Why is he doing that? Why her? Why now?

With anything else to do but write, Grace starts to tell us her story. She writes about how she met Sal, her best friend, and how things got weird between them. She writes about the lack of relationship she has with her mom, and how much she misses her dad. She writes about how she met Nat and how they started to date. How she started to talk to Sal again, after their huge discussion.

As she writes, she starts to remember everything that happened—and how much pain that costed to her. My problem with Entangled was that I knew the ending on its first sentence, and that bothered me the most. I liked the story, I liked the fact that Grace is bitchy with everyone most part of the time, I liked the fact that she denies what’s in front of her most part of the time. She’s a teenager, after all, and I wouldn’t expect different reactions from her. I read this book in less than 3 hours, I couldn’t put it down, but I got the big mystery—what happened to her, why she’s trapped on that white room—on the first sentence, and I wish Clarke would have written it in a way I wouldn’t guess it on the very first page…

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