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Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant
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Mar 23, 2011

really liked it

The place is London and the time is 1810. Charles and Melanie Fraser have been happily married for seven years. They have two children, Colin, who is 6 and Jessica, who is almost 3. Charles is a member of parliament and he is the grandson of a duke. They move in the circles of the upper class but they both have liberalist leanings. One night while they are at a political reception, Colin is kidnapped. He is being held by someone who believes that Charles has possession of a ring he seeks. Actually, it is a very special ring. The Carevalo Ring is purported to have special powers. Both the French and Spanish wish to obtain the ring. Since Charles really does not have the ring, he and Melanie are forced to try to discover its whereabouts in order to save Colin’s life. During their investigation, many secrets come to light that have been kept for years. Each revelation builds the suspense and adds more complex layers to the story.

I have read some reviews by individuals who were unhappy with this book. However, it appears those reviewers where expecting a romance novel. While this story does have romance, it is really a mystery/thriller. The historical accuracy of the book seems right on target with everything I have studied about the time period. I thought the author did a fine job of weaving the story and uncovering layer after layer of intrigue. It sure takes a lot more talent than I will ever have to develop such a complex story and keep me interested and reading for 479 pages.

I enjoyed reading “Daughter of the Game” and I am anxious to begin the follow-up book and Ms. Grant’s next work, which is “Beneath A Silent Moon”.


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