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No One Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane
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Mar 23, 2011

did not like it
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San Antonio detective Rebecca Montgomery is investigating the murder of her little sister. She is pulled off the case due to a conflict of interest, she is then given a cold case to investigate. The two cases are linked and she is warned off investigating one of the possible suspects by a mysterious, handsome stranger, i.e. our future love interest.
Many genre novels tend to have clichés including the romantic suspense genre. This doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good story if the clichés are done right or if there is an interesting twist to them. Unfortunately, this book, in my opinion, is not well written. Rather the clichés are the same old, same old. Female cop plays by her own rules, runs her own investigation even though she if told not to, yawn.
Dead sister who isn’t really dead, yep saw that one coming. BTW the woman thinks her sister is dead because they found large amounts of blood in a hotel room “too much blood for anyone to have survived” Turns out the bad guy had been taking blood from the sister, storing it and then using it to stage the scene. Only problem is forensics would be able to tell if a. the blood had been frozen, or b. if the blood hadn’t been frozen there would have been different stages of degradation within the blood cells themselves. Furthermore why bother with this subterfuge in any case? It was not done with any of the other kidnapped girls.
The characters are absolutely wooden, and the dialogue…the dialogue is awful. Rebecca keeps referring to our mysterious stranger, Diego, by calling him slick. For descriptive narration she constantly uses similes and not very good ones at that. Her body craved him like an addiction, really? Bleech.
Had this book been written ten years ago I would have been more forgiving but there are just too many books and cop shows out there that have already used similar plots. I felt like I was listening to a bad episode of criminal minds. Had I not been stuck in the house with no other books on tape I would not have finished it.

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