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Stay by Deb Caletti
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Mar 23, 2011

it was amazing
Read from June 21 to 29, 2011

Man this hit so close to home! Many of the things that happened in this book I have experienced myself, and some things I am happy that I have not had to deal with! It is very scary dealing with someone who is obsessed and paranoid...and you don't realize that they are until it is too late!

Clara is the typical nice girl. She is innocent and wants a boyfriend who loves her. Clara meets Christian and there is an instant connection. It is like they belong together. Clara is sure he is the one. Christian becomes paranoid, thinking that Clara is staring at another man, when she is watching what is going on on the stage. Christian also thinks that Clara wants her ex back. He knows that they go to school together, so they must see each other and want to get back together, right? Maybe they already are together!? This is what is going through Christian's mind. Clara blows a lot of this off, but then begins to fire back. She yells at him and tells him to knock it off because he's being ridiculous (pretty much, anyway). He apologizes and tells her she is right, but he is back at it again later. Eventually, Clara knows she must leave. And her father helps her to leave. They move away for the summer, where nobody knows where they are. Clara has her number changed, but Christian finds the new number. She has her number changed again, and finally decides to call her best friend. She tells her friend where she is, but it gets back to Christian. Clara can feel him watching her. She knows that he has found her. She is just waiting for him to make his appearance. When he does, she becomes very close to paying a very serious consequence for telling her best friend where she was.

This story is amazing, and I found most of it to be true of this type of abusive relationship, as I would consider this emotionally/mentally abusive. However, I didn't find the ending to be typical. And I guess that is ok because not every relationship is the same. It just didn't seem like the right ending, especially for Christian's character. After reading about Christian and learning so much about his behaviors, his choices in the end just don't really make sense. Either way, this was a great story. And I am so excited to find a new great author! I want to go to the library and reserve all of her books, but I know I can't read that fast! She writes very well and is very real.

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