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Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas
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Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. Burlesque Press (2010)


Is it too wrong for me to have liked this?
Lets drawn some boundaries in here.
This is not a romance, and it's not about love. At all.
This is about dominance and submission, without safewords or any kind of protection cable. The book is also narrated in first and third person (At sex scenes).

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I wondered again if he believed freeing me had been a cruelty or a kindness, if he thought he’d done something wrong in taking me. I wondered if he regretted letting me go, and if he ever thought of me or dreamed of me as I did him. Surely my obsession couldn’t now be greater than his.

~ Emily ~

This book is very detailed. What surprised me was the little sex that has. Kitty Thomas created a world of forced submission and dominance (and kidnapping) where the victim is willing to be abused.
Emily don't fight. She's too scared of what he might do to her. She prefers to be the pampered submissive-victim, over the victim that tries to escape and run. The level of psychology is very high, and while reading I tried to understand both Master and Emily.
Master is a sick man, yes he is. He just needed a reason, an excuse to do what he had done. He used his mutism and reclusion to do just that.
She coming back to him, only showed he was a real master in mind games.
I feel like, if she haven’t returned to him, it would be too politically correct. Everything this book is not.
Is it wrong, is incorrect , and what he did is a real crime that deserves punishment, but this book, I must say that I liked for all the psychology involved.
Five Stars for Comfort Food, and a warning to keep one eye open at Miss Kitty Thomas.

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(read 04/02/2011 - Rating 5 Stars)
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Ashley♥Alexis i actually really liked this. I wondered if maybe the dynamics of their relationship would change now that she's able to communicate with him.

Katherine I guess it could, if he weren't crazy lol. Kidding.
Well, I think he still hold the same kind of power over her, she understanding him or not. But a sequel would be nice ;)

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