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The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan
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Mar 22, 11

Read in March, 2011

Getting what you want is just as difficult as not getting what you want. Because then you have to figure out what to do with it instead of figuring out what to do without it.
The Realm of Possibility is a novel that uses free verse to allow us into a realm of characters that are looking to discover themselves through love.
A lot of this book has to do with finding out one’s identity. From the girl who wants to find herself after being hit in the face with a lunch tray to the message-writing girl who hit her, all the characters are trying to find what defines them. For most of the stories involved, it is some form of love that defines them. Every character’s story is presented differently because they are different people. Every sentence contains a certain prose to it. I found it easier to find it character’s voice because of this. Before I started reading, I was hoping the stories would connect to one another, and I got what I hoped for. It was like a Tarantino film in poetry. The students are connected by the high school they go to, and they feelings they share.
Each character seems to have negative feelings to start off. I was turned off by this novel at first, but then I realized that was what high school was all about – bad lunch, algebra, infidelity, and the relationships we have. It is finding a way to see past this negativity that we have to learn, and we see each character trying to find their way out too.
I feel this would be a good book for high school Juniors and/or Seniors because of some of the subject matter. Issues of sex and drugs and how they are approached can often be a tricky thing when trying to introduce a novel into the classroom. I am sure students would like this novel. There are some parts that some students might not find too savory. For instance, I feel some of the younger male students would be turned off by the homosexuality of some parts. Also, dealing with issues like homosexuality in the text might be too much for some parents to take. I would understand a parent not wanting their young child to be exposed to sexual themes, whether it is homo or hetero, because it is sexual. However, I feel the stories about sex and drugs are helpful for students to read. That is very much so occurring around them at this time. The more you expose, the more they will know. I also feel that this book could open up poetry to students who are not fond of it. It is a different way to approach an old item.
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