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With Abandon by J.L. Langley
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May 12, 11

Before I started reading I really wanted to give With Abandon 5 stars. Then, as I began to read I wanted to give it 4 stars. Really I did, but there were so many nasty little thoughts coming from Aubrey that I found it impossible.

The problem wasn’t the fact that Aubrey treated Matt as his dirty little secret. That I could have put up with. He was in serious denial; his parents knew it, I knew it, everybody new it, and that was all right because eventually he was going to pull his head out of his ass. What I did have a problem with was thoughts such as:

He should be looking for a wife, not playing with Matt. Was it so bad that he wanted to enjoy Matt for a little bit? He could let Matt go when the time came.

But no way could he allow Matt to take the role Aubrey’s future wife would have to take.

He’d known Matt wasn’t happy with him hiring Carson as his EA, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He wasn’t going to let Matt dictate his decisions. The sooner Matt understood how things were going to be, the better off they’d both be.

Yet Matt is supposed to stay quiet about being gay because Aubrey says so. Hypocrisy anyone?

Especially when he’d have a sort of epiphany out of the blue (considering his usual posture on the matter) which would put a smile back on my face:

Together their self-control flew out the window. It was a natural mating instinct and fighting it was futile. Surely Matt realized that. Who would’ve thought being with one’s mate would feel like this…so powerful.

Remarks which then seemed to mean nothing as he went back to his plans of abandoning Matt and thoughts of playing house with his future wife.

A couple of times in the book, references were made to the difference between being a made wolf and a born wolf. Aubrey specifically said that made wolves accepted their instincts and trusted in them. While made wolves fought them.

Uh, apparently not! Am I the only that sees there’s something wrong with that statement? Does Aubrey not realise he is acting like a made wolf? This is what made it so difficult for me to wrap my head around Aubrey calling what he had with Matt an infatuation, or saying it was just sex… He knows, and has known from day one what a mate means to a wolf, how they are the other half of ones soul, how some never find their mates, I could go on and on but I won’t. And yet he completely disregards Matt and his place in his life.

I mean, we have Remi, who just happens to be a made wolf, who gave in to the mate bond a lot quicker than Aubrey and I found his reasons for holding back a lot more believable and respectable. Aubrey was protecting nobody but himself, had not been through a traumatic experience and had no real opposition from anyone.

As for Matt’s part in the relationship, he got very sound advice from Aubrey’s dad about how to deal with his relationship. He completely ignored it. I still don’t understand what the point of that conversation was. Other than to make readers even more frustrated.

The beetle on the dung heap cherry on the cake, was Aubrey’s comment the first time they have actual sex:

Goodness, Matt even tasted better than other men. He was going to be a hard act to follow.

So what exactly was he thinking here? That he was going to give Matt up, marry a woman, have kids and have male lovers on the side while Matt’s back in New Mexico? And was he honestly thinking about the sex he was going to have with other men after he abandoned Matt – In the middle of having sex with his mate for the very first time??

I also didn't appreaciate the times when Carson made Matt feel uncomfortable by talking about his past with Aubrey. I don't think that's something Matt should have had to put up with, that was his mate he was talking about.

Too much stuff like this didn’t allow me to fully enjoy a story I’d been looking forward to for ages because I was too busy getting angry at Aubrey. Book 5 better be everything I’m hoping it’ll be to make up for this one.

EDIT: I'd initially rated this with 3 stars because I love this author and particularly this series. However, if I'm completely honest with myself I didn't enjoy this book. I know this because while normally a JL Langley story would have me counting the pages worried that it was going to be over too soon, this one had me counting them for a completely different reason. And groaning to myself because one more page of Aubrey was one too many and wanting the book to be over, doesn't warrant 3 stars.
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Alyosha Great review! We have been discussing just those things you mentioned ;S

Honey Thanks! There was so much to be inspired on :) Though it wasn't fun while reading!

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