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The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood
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Mar 31, 11

Read from March 21 to 31, 2011

I find it interesting that this was written in 1969 because my impression upon reading the blurb is that it was written recently, post 2000.

This is definitely a thinker. I think all the characters are "types" rather than real people. Atwood is definitely commenting on society and women's roles. I think I missed a lot of what she intended, however.

Her roommate, Ainsley, is a total sellout. She starts out as the "feminist." I was eager to see where Atwood was taking this substoryline, single mom pregnant in the 60's, but was totally disappointed in how lame she became. She was unintelligent by not thinking through her plan and anti-feminist by needing a man. Turned out to be totally ironic.

I think Marian's attraction towards both men, Peter her fiance and Duncan her "friend", is lame. Both men are equally not good enough for her, just in different ways. Peter wants her to fit into a box and lose her freedom. Duncan is a jerk to her, puts her down, does not care about her, and self centered and selfish. It doesn't matter if he openly admits to his faults, he still sucks. And Marian totally sucks too. Why does she continually need a man and freak out about it. Pension plan? hiding under the bed? Not eating? She knows the whole time that she can't be married to Peter, yet she goes on and on and on with it? Duncan? Really, you are attracted to that grossball!

I don't like any of the character's but its a good book.

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