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Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Mar 29, 2011

it was ok
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Read from March 24 to 29, 2011

*** There are SPOILERS near the END of this review. I made a space to separate to don't read any further after the space unless you want to know....***

I must say this entire series kept me reading late into the wee hours of the morning and I literally voraciously devoured them all.

This last one not so much.

I was kind of disappointed with all the internal monologues by MacKayla. It seemed like too much fluff on Moning's part, just to prolong the inevitable ending.

And even the ending, I was kind of like really? It took her that long to figure it out?? Not the Mac we learned to love and know.

At times, there were just way TOO many twists and turns to keep my head straight, especially when I wasn't reading it as fast as the other books. With this one, I was able to actually PUT IT DOWN and walk away and have a life ( my boyfriend of five and half years proposed during my reading this book, on one of the many occasions I was able to put it down, so I was a little more than distracted to say the least to want to pick it back up). With all the other books I was so stunned and shocked and engorged with the characters that I could not drop the books at all.

I knew how the ending was going to end. I guessed it. I mean I had an inkling how it was all going to play out. I didn't know the finite details but I knew it.

This book took the longest for me to read like I said. It also was my least favorite of the series. The ending was not wrapped up in a nice little bow. I mean there was a happy ending, but not with all the details that Moning could not spare us with Mac's inner monologue. I wanted to know more and felt like after all this effort of reading this close to 600 page book I was empty handed. My satiety was not full. I was disappointed.


And what the hell happened to Christian? Was he cured? And where does it say that all the Unseelies are gone? I read some of the other reviews and I was like huh? Where did it say that? It said they were starting to rebuild Dublin. And Jayne and his crew were still out savaging all the Unseelie. What the hell. Not pleased with this ending. Does the King ever come back? And what happened to the concubine? We never knew if Mac really ever forgave Dani, just that she had the intention to. And we never find out if Dani actually gives Mac Alina's book back! i mean WTF. UGH. It took Mac that long to use the K'Vurk or however it's spell to kill Jerricho's son?? And who the hell was his mother?! We never knew that OR found out what was the name of Jerricho and all his talisman. And it was soooo unexpected that Barrons knew Mac had lied about knowing the spell of unmaking. He's been suffering for EONS about his poor son and now he's just indifferent about it, because she loves him? Seriously? WTF?. He didn't know that she loved him? I thought he knew everything. That was sorely disappointing! And her parents moved to Dublin. Ok. Fine. Happy ending. But what about her and Barrons? Do they get married? And because she found a way to kill them she gets a "get out of execution free card?" Uh, that would mean the opposite to me I guess, but whatever. So she gets her bookstore and they stay to improve Dublin. Come on! What the heck! You "wasted" all my time with the boring ass details of her mind but you can't spare a few more pages to let me know what really happens instead of her first garden party? Man, what a tough break...for me!
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Jennifer Keep going! This book is amazing. It's so, so crazy, but great.

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