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The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket
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Mar 20, 11

At the commencement of this book it's hard to believe that the series can get any more menacing, yet by the climax of the hospital it is apparent it can. The threat facing the baedelaires is actually surprisingly chilling and
I must admit, the idea of them being forced to saw off their own sisters head actually gave me goosebumps. I also must say how much I love daniel/lemony's little quips about the stupidity of some peoples attitudes to well, the 'attitude' of sick people.put simply, I don't believe a good attitude can't cure cancer, nor (as handler points out) alleviate the symptoms of the plague. However something I love less about this book is when it veers into 'are we heroes or are we villains' territory, which quite frankly I consider too trite and cliched for such a wonderful author. there is, in my eyes, a very obvious and logical justification for the respective in hero/villian classification of the Baudelaire's and olaf. full stop.
But that's just my way of seeing it, and I'm fairly sure this will not irritate the majority of other readers as much as it did me. which isn't even that much, considering how the rest of the book is so wonderfull. :)

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