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Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon
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Mar 20, 2011

it was amazing

God. Where do I start describing how AMAZING this novel is. I truly am speechless. Dead Beautiful is a compelling, heatbreaking, and heart frenching novel that I couldnt put down.

This book has got to be the most romantic book I have read in a long time. Each chapter, each page and each line had me crying, sighing and smiling. Ive never had a book touch me in such a way that had me thinking about it days after. The detail that Yvonne has put into this novel is spectacular. You can tell she has worked so hard at writing this novel from the amount of detail to the amount of pages.
The plot is something I truly haven't come across and I can see why the awesome people at Usborne publishers published it. You cant compare this plot to anything right now which is amazing. There is so many twists and turns so much mystery that it had my brain running over time thinking what the hell is going on in this Boarding school. It had me at the edge of my seat through out. I love how much the history of death was used in this novel. I learned things that I hadn't even heard about for example why people actually burry the dead in coffins....why they weren't a different shape or why in the ground. All these things had me looking back and actually thinking why do we do these things and its true.... people do forget why.. they just do it. The way Yvonne writes myths and made up things for the plot in this novel were so believerable I had to go and google them just to make sure they were not true.

There is a lot of surprises in this novel. And its really hard not to give spoilers because Its one of those novels you just want to tell someone about straight away and tell them everything. The amount of times it left my jaw hanging open and tears streaming down my face was unberlevable.

The characters in this novel stand out so much not at all two dimentional. Renee is such an amazing character. From her courage and loving personality to Dante the mysterious beautiful lead guy who has a huge secret that I couldnt even comprehed when first reading the book. Elenor the lovley and trusting good friend of Renee coming from the book you could definanlty relate her to one of your best friends. The way Gottfried Acadamey is described in the book is very you could say mysterious. It was once a childrens hospital. It kinda creeped me out sometimes. Dante and Renees realtionship is beautiful so beautiful I loved watching them fall in love. From the staring, to the talking to the holding to the declaring their undieing love for eachother. The quality of writing is fantastic the orginality, the pace, and the fluidity.

The one thing that had me was the ending. And not because it was over because I just wanted it to carry on, no it was how jaw dropping and heart renching and one of those things you didnt see coming. The beautiful way it ended had me in sheds of tears and just knowing that whats going to happen between Renee and Dante. It was truly one of those lose lose/win win situations. Beautiful just beautiful Sighs.....
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Donna {Book Passion for Life} Ooh Great review! I have this to read, sounds really good. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Mallary I love your review. I just finished this book and I couldn't agree with you more. The ending had me taken by surprise as well. It was just so abrupt. I saw on the author's Goodreads page that there is a 2nd book. Do you think there might be a twist to it?

Haley ~ YA-Aholic This is a great review! I loved Dead Beautiful, and cannot wait for the next one! (:

Lizzie Wirtz I could not agree more!

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