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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Oct 23, 2011

it was amazing
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Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was an amazing debut but there was too much hype. Unfortunate but true. I was expecting something more and I should have been more wary when it comes to hype like I always am but I've been so obsessed with so many books coming out in October and so busy with work that I didn't really pay attention. That's not to say that I don't believe in hype, cause some of it is very true. (Hunger Games, Divergent, Hush Hush, Iron King, etc.) I just always need to stay on my toes.

Although this book was filled with many mysteries, I was able to figure out most of them pretty quick. There were only two in all that caught me by surprise but at the same time, I was able to predict what would happen in the book. But even if the book was predictable to me, the execution was close to brilliant. Michelle Hodkin really put in effort to how everything would fall into place and I think that's one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much.

Mara what to say about her. Although at times her pessimism bothered me, I relatively liked her. She was sharp, artsy, edgy...and very relatable in some ways. And I honestly felt bad for her. She was going through so many emotional obstacles it was almost ridiculous. One thing I don't understand is the strange visions she had/didn't have. It didn't really feel clarified in the book. I understood what was happening but not specifically to her. Maybe this will be cleared up in the next book.

That being said, another problem I had with this book is organization. Although the book was well written, it felt - at least to me - that things were all over the place. Some portions of the book worked with the unorganization, others didn't. Especially when she had moments with Noah. I felt like I would be weaving through a horror, then a teen dream, then a nightmare, then back to the teen dream. It was too confusing.

And finally...we get to the Noah portion of this review. It was bound to happen of course...but what do I say? I read many non-spoiler reviews of this book before I read UOMD and people were practically foaming at the mouth with the slightest mention of him. There was one review I read, surprisingly the last one I read of UOMD before I read it, that did not like Noah. This reviewer called him a man whore and she asked herself why so many people are attracted to man whores. And when I picked up this book, I expected Noah to be the man whore that this ONE reviewer painted him as. And honestly, I have to say I am on the fence with Noah. He's a fifty fifty to me.

The half of me that doesn't like him thinks:
When he talked about his past...I don't know it kind of put me off. I'm glad he was able to trust Mara so openly you know but there was just something about the story that I didn't like. That didn't work. Maybe it was his reaction, I'm not sure, but whatever. And another thing: for the first half of the book, he seemed to treat girls like...well kind of like shit. Like toys. Like he could just screw with their heads and leave. Which bothered the hell out of me. Cause even if a girl or a guy seems like they should be ruling alongside satan as ruler of the underworld instead of going to school with you, ignoring them is the best option. And what he did...idk, it just bugged me. He was so cocky and it was just too much attitude at one time. It wasn't cool, it was kind of stupid.

That and the fact that he smoked. :(

The half of me that does like him thinks:
He really cares about Mara and her family. I can really appreciate the lengths that he went to to keep them all safe. And towards the end when he opened up a little bit more, it was nice to see the "real" him, the one that didn't try so hard to act a certain bad boy way. It was sweet. To see the vulnerable side of him him completely changed my outlook. I didn't just see him as a character but as a person. In fact, I think Michelle Hodkin has done the best job - or at least one of the best jobs - at making a guy look so realistic. Cause when I thought Noah was too good to be true, it turned out he wasn't. There are 'Noah-types' everywhere, actually decent guys. Hell, I'm even dealing with one myself, a guy who acts all that but has opened up a lot and reads literature and is incredibly caring.

Plus, I liked how a lot of the bad stuff about him was just rumors. Just goes to show how people talk bad about what they can't have. At least Noah didn't take it to heart. So in the end, I did like Noah, not love him, but like him. This may change - hell, it probably will - in the next book so fingers crossed that I feel the love.

Overall, I loved this book, but not as much as I expected I would. I am excited to get my hands on the second book and fingers crossed, maybe it will surpass my expectations. Who knows. Michelle Hodkin certainly has a talent and I am very anxious to see where she goes with this exciting series.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

P.s. I absolutely loved Joseph. I want more of him...and Daniel too.
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Madeline Partner Can't wait to see what you think!

Lindsay Thanks :) I probably won't be able to review this until Saturday but w.e. How did you like it?

Madeline Partner I liked it quite a bit! I loved all her little flashbacks, they were such fun to read about. I really enjoyed the story, I've never read something like that before...and I think I feel in love with Noah at the very first sentence he spoke. >.>

Lindsay Neither have I. Michelle Hodkins definitely has a talent and I can't wait to read the second book. I was kind of on the fence about Noah but by the end of the book, I definitely liked him :)

Madeline Partner I'm easy to win over w/ book characters. ;D The second book is sure to be awesome, I can't wait to see what happens to them both.

Lindsay Me too. I mean, a lot of people were surprised by the mysteries at the end but I saw most of them coming. The only one I didn't was Jude. I mean come on...also I'm mad that Mara was going to try and go to the police. Thank god she was stopped.

Madeline Partner I did NOT want Mara to go to the police.
When she saw Jude, that really made me stop reading. But then, as she went over the evidence in her head, it really made sense to me, and I probably should have noticed it before. :P

Lindsay I know! I'm happy she was stopped though. Thank god too. Hopefully, in the next book, she'll come to her senses and realize what a hot mess she was trying to leave Noah. Lol.

Madeline Partner xD Yeah. She needs to get straightened out. Hopefully seeing Jude brought her to her senses. And I wonder who he wanted to report missing?

Lindsay I want to say he reported her but I wouldn't be too sure. And I really want to know whats going to happen to Leon.

Madeline Partner Leon....Lassiter? The criminal guy? Right? /derp moment

Who knows, I was so confused at the end. XD

Lindsay Lol I only learned what derp meant like three days ago. And god I want to see that ahole Leon put in his place! I mean he kidnapped Joseph for god sakes!

Madeline Partner Good job. ;D
Yeah, thats true. Noah should go beat up on him or something. >.>

Lindsay I feel like there's so much more to be relieved and its really obvious but my mind's just skipping over it. Grr...oh yeah. British man to the rescue lol!

& yeah, its kind of sad that I'm learning words like derp so late. I only found out what noob was a month XD

Madeline Partner Indeed! Go kick some ass, Noah.
You should bookmark Urban Dictionary, so you can always look up these words. ;D

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