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The Broker by John Grisham
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Mar 20, 2011

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This book was about a man who was a broker in Washington D.C. named Joel Blackman. A secret program was created that could take control of the most technologically advanced satellite in the world called Neptune. This broker was put in control of selling this program to the country that was willing to pay the highest price. He gets greedy and the situation gets messy. The CIA begins to investigate and charges are brought against the lawyer and his associates. During the trial, some of his associates are “murdered”. Blackman instantly takes a plea that sends him to federal prison for twenty years. Only six years into his sentence, Blackman is pardon by the President who has only hours left in office.
That night Blackman is put on a flight to Italy where he is forced to begin a new life under the surveillance of the CIA. This new life involves, learning a new language and living inconspicuously as Marco Lazzeri. Things are fine until one day the people that were angry about not getting the satellite program find out where he is. The next thing you know, people are following him. Blackman is able to get out of the country with the help of his female Italian tutor and his son Neal. Blackman flies to Switzerland where he withdraws the program from a safety deposit box there. After this he ends up back in the U.S. with a plan to set everything straight. He meets with the CIA and gives them for free the program that he was once asking $500 million before entering prison. The CIA was able to figure out who made the satellite by using the information Blackman indirectly offered. Blackman was pardoned as bait. The CIA watched him, they figured whatever country killed him would be the one who was the creator of the satellite.
Blackman was auctioning off some of the most confidential and important information in the world to the highest bidder. He went to prison to escape being killed. Not even half way through his term he was pardoned and shipped to Italy as bait. He avoided being killed while having one of the biggest targets on his back in the world. Finally he gives the U.S. the information and heads back to Italy to reunite with his lady Italian teacher.
This book was interesting throughout. Grishem kept the reader guessing with many different twists and turns in the plot. The suspense kept building and building under all of the sudden, everything came together. I was disappointed however with the ending. Yes most of the questions were answered in the end, but one of the most important things is left out. Interesting novel, pretty good plot, okay ending.

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