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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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Mar 20, 2011

liked it
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Read from April 11 to May 01, 2011

Loved it....

Re-read 23-06-12

I have mixed feelings about this book this time round. In fact I've downgraded it from a 4 to 3 star. There is definitely something...a bit off...... It's hard to put my finger on. There was no real character growth, just the predictable Clary / Jace affair that is greater than heaven and hell. Really? They're only 16 or something??

Anyhow, moving away from that, I think it was more about the writing style that disappointed me more. I remember reading an article / interview from another author (I wish I could remember who..... Likely either Patrick Rothuss, Peter Brett or Brandon Sanderson as I hold all 3 in high esteem) and they were talking about how best to develop a REAL story. One with depth, substance etc a truely brilliant story. It all comes down to writing style and the use of POV (point of view).

To use multiple character POVs was basically the writers lazy way of storytelling. It was the easy way to get the story told, whereas to stay with a singular POV was much harder. I'm not doing the explanation justice as I am not an author or anything even remotely like one, but it really stuck with me as it rang true.

During this book, there are so many POVs used I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, not to mention irritated because we (the readers) are basically being treated like fools, too stupid to be able to follow the line of thought. Well I guess it is a YA series so I shouldn't have such high expectations. I guess I have been spoilt by such literary giants of late. It's like having a meal of lobster then suddenly having your plate taken away and given sardines blah!

Oh well, maybe Cassandra Clare redeems herself in the next book - here's hoping. Ms Clare there are some of us out here that are smart enough to follow a deeper plot and would rather wait for a brilliant book rather than an meh ok one.

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