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Descartes' Error by Antonio R. Damasio
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Mar 19, 11

Dr. Damasio says that Descartes’ statement “I think therefore I am” is wrong. He says so because simply one can’t think without “being” first. He suggests consciousness or “being” can disappear by dramatically changing the brain. Change as in trauma to the brain structure. He gives examples of people who change personalities after having their brains damaged by accidents.

He suggests that the concept of self is the product of several processes in the brain. Logic and emotions are interlinked. One can behave “logically” only because emotions dictate so and vice-versa.

I like that, it … feels right! The example of Data from Star Trek convinced me.
You see … If Data were to exist in real life; he would not function.
It would be illogical if he were at all times logical.

Why behave like a human? That question implies emotion!

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