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The Sandman, Vol. 3 by Neil Gaiman
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Mar 19, 11

This book is probably the weakest of the series due to being an 'anthology', and not one whole story arc. In this volume, you get four different issues:

1. Calliope: The story begins with a writer who took a muse from an author friend. The muse is called Calliope, who helps him to write. But the muse wants to be free, and so tells the Dream Lord to free her. What you get is a frightening work of art. 4/5

2. A Dream of a Thousand Cats: This is one of my favorite of all Sandman issues because of its sheer of excellence. Neil Gaiman crafts an issue that I may call a 'fairy tale'. Cats ran from their houses and went to a meeting. One of the cats orates a speech of meeting the Dream Lord, from who he takes advice from. The Dream Lord tells the cat a story that nobody knew. 5/5

3. A Midsummer's Night Dream: This issue is very well known, especially for winning the World Fantasy Award. The issue starts with Shakespeare meeting the Dream Lord Morpheus with whom he made a deal with. As Shakespeare owes Morpheus a lot, he makes a play for the Dream Lord. The Dream Lord agrees and brings fairies to watch the play.I can see why people love this issue that much. 4.5/5

4. Facade: The worst issue I read of the whole series which is hideous and truly annoying. The issue starts with a women being sick and tired of being ugly. She begs of death, and so Death of the Endless comes to her. The premise is something not original, and it also is pretty short and of no use.

The problem with the whole book is that it is short and has an issue that is of no use. Heck, I do not even want that issue in the series. It has no place in the series.

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