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Mensa Mighty Mind Maze by John Bremner
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Mar 19, 2011

did not like it

Horrid. The worst puzzle book I've ever run across. Here are just two examples:

Suppose you are given four similar patterns and told to pick the odd one out. After some study, you realize that three of them are rotations, but one is a reflection, of the others. So that's the odd one out. This might be slightly tricky once, but by the 30th time this SAME puzzle is in the book, it's becoming not just boring but completely annoying.

Or, consider this:

Each puzzle tells you which puzzle to move on to next, in order to "win." Unfortunately, in section 4, in order to win, you have to ignore the directions because if you follow the directions (something like 'subtract 10') you go to puzzle 39, since the answer was 49. Unfortunately, you actually had to go to 49 to proceed. So it's completely impossible. (I only found the problem after giving up in frustration and looking through the answers.)

So, these people get huge NEGATIVE kudos: John Bremner, the author, Tom Dedopulos, the editor, and Philip Carter/ Ken Russell, the "puzzle checkers." None of these people should be allowed to work on such things ever again.

This book makes me proud to not be associated with MENSA.


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